Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bishop Mueller Accuses Justice Minister's Organization of Promoting Child Abuse

Ex-Communist Federal Chairwoman, Rosemarie Will, is trying a sorry diversionary maneuver against the just reproaches of the Bishop of Regensburg. Despite her denials that her organization promotes sex with children, there is already a unanimous decision by her organization in 2000 that states the opposite, being concerned that criminal prosecution of sex crimes with minors could lead to greater state oppression [(!)].

Here's what Kreuz reports about how Bishop Mueller responded to this organization.

The Regensburger Bishop has publicly portrayed an anti-Catholic Organization as having much sympathy for child molesters. The reaction shows that the Bishop has hit the bull's eye.

( The Anti-Church 'Humanistic Union' threatened Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg with the law, reported the German "Catholic News Agency".

On Saturday, the German ‘Süddeutsche’ from an interview with the Turin newspaper 'La Stampa', accordingly Bishop Mueller said:

The German consultant of the anti-Church Union and Justice Minister "Sabine Leutheusser-Schanarrenberger
"belongs to a kind of Freemasonic-Society, where pedophiles are portrayed as normal, which should be criminalized.

Otherwise she's lied, in the manner she has defamed us. For neither the Holy See nor the German Church has ever given the directive to the clergy to frustrate the norms of Justice."

The Church-hater is now demanding by Monday a retraction of his supposed "slander".

Otherwise, "she intends to take legal steps."

The Communications Director of the Diocese of Regensburg, Clemens Neck, maintains for 'Katolischen Nachrichtagentur', that Bishop Mueller has authorized no interview with 'La Stampa'.

The Dicoese views the possible lawsuit with "unreserved calm".

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