Wednesday, February 17, 2010

German Bishop Blames Abandonment of Moral Theology for Sex Abuse Crisis

This is one of the finest and most aggressive explanations of this difficult discussion we've ever seen and finally makes clear what we're up against: Liberals are responsible, not the Church. This is just absolutely stellar thinking on the part of the Augsburg prelate. It's in recognizing in him a true shepherd that we realize our unworthiness as the penitential season begins.

The current imbroglio of homosexual abuses became possible on a large scale only after the break with Church moral teachings at the end of the 60s -- explained the Bishop of Augsburg.

[Augsburg] "sexual abuse of persons under age is unfortunately a common social evil, which arises in various manifestations from the family to the school or to the sports club."

Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg in the interview with the regional newspaper 'Augsburg General Zeitung".

The Monsignor also carefully identified the causes of homosexual abuses: "The so-called sexual revolution, in whose process by particularly progressive moral critics as well as its legalization is not innocent of the charge that it demanded sexual contacts between adults and persons under age."

In the last decades the media would have advanced an increasing sexualization of the public, promote "the previously limited abnormal sexual inclinations".

Holy Church Full of Sinnners

Homosexual abuse by a clergyman is something the bishop describes as a "particularly horrible crime."

The authors sin against themselves and the souls of their victims, and they also sin against the Church.

The Bishop points out that Catholics have already injured laws and rules established since the beginning of the church and abused them in their own atrocities.

Monsignor Mixa did not exclude that therefore "in the church some responsible person was too naive in the past in relation to sexual crimes with children and young people and moved someone in the vain hope that the culprits would improve themselves in a different position in a wholly unauthorized way:

"Responsible parties in the Church are possibly also influenced by the Zeitgeist, which itself in the area of Criminal Law employed "Resocialization" in the place of punishment."

The "Spiegel" -- Lie has flown

Bishop Mixa criticized also the anti-Catholic periodical "Spiegel", without naming it:

"In some media there is an unspoken rule, to characterize child abuse automatically as a Church problem."

Since 1995 there have been in Germany around 210,000 criminally registered cases of child abuse.

The number of cases applicable to Church institutions occupy an infinitesimally small number of individuals per thousand.

That in no way diminish the damage, but should really put the facts and relationships in their proper light"

Has nothing to do with Celibacy

Monsignor responded on celibacy and he said that it has to do with the homosexual abuses of young people but "nothing at all to do with celibacy".

"One of the prominent experts for abuse in Germany, Hans Ludwig Kröber, does not see any note that for example that celibate teachers are more frequent paedophiles than other teachers."

Bishop Mixa got straight that the completely majority part of the homosexual abuses are committed "by married men, often closely related to the victims."

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pax said...

He didn't quite get to the heart of it. The reason we have such a problem in the Church is we ordain homosexual males or effeminate men, even though Rome has clearly and consistently told us not to do so. When properly orientated men -- what we in the Great White North would call "Moose-men" -- are ordained to the priesthood, the sexual abuse of children doesn't happen.