Friday, February 5, 2010

Archbishop’s Statement On Catholic School Education

Archbishop’s Statement On Catholic School Education,

Archbishop Wilton Gregory is one of the worst of the USCCBs spokesmen when it comes to religious indifferentism. He supported the revision of the USCCB statement on the Jews and the Old Covenant, saying that it is still salvific.

His address here about Catholic schools is interesting for one reason, he doesn't make a single mention of the Catholic Faith.

Catholic schools remain at the heart of the church. Within our schools, the primary focus must remain an unyielding commitment to strong Catholic identity and sound moral teaching. This is the mission of our Catholic schools and therefore absolutely central to their existence. As the Archbishop, I am proud that the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Atlanta continue to provide strong faith formation for our youth.

In view of this statement, we find it hard to be comforted, although he's not exactly speaking to Catholics either, all the more reason to be emphatic about the Catholic Faith. Ultimately, given the current state of Catholic education in America, it's easy to see his words as so much hot air.

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