Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anglicans Swim the Tiber but it's full of Sharks!

The Anglican exodus begins…

… in Australia, where, as my colleagues Bonnie Malkin and Martin Beckford report, Forward in Faith Australia has voted to join the Ordinariate.

We’re not talking about a large group, not everyone is going, and it’s led by a retired bishop. But the psychological impact of official Anglicans bearing the Forward in Faith logo voting to convert to Rome under the new corporate scheme will be significant. I wonder if it explains the malicious leak of an email from Bishop Andrew Burnham to the Australian Bishop Peter Elliot: did someone want to distract us from this development?

Incidentally, I like the quote from the FiF bishop, the Rt Rev David Robarts: “I love my Anglican heritage, but I’m not going to lose it by taking this step.”

Also, here, at Telegraph also from Damian Thompson, someone leaked an e-mail between Ebbsfleet Anglican Bishop, Burnham and Bishop Peter Elliot of Melbourne, Australia. Apparently, there are blue meanies in the liberal hierarchy who want to throw up some roadblocks and generate some enmity.

You might remember that Bishop Ebbsfleet made the extraordinary announcement a few years ago that he'd leave the Anglican Communion if Women Bishops were ordained, and renewed that promise in 2008, here, (it's a terrible photo of him btw).

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