Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catholicism is Now Illegal in Quebec

Seems like following Church teaching in Quebec, strangely, one of the most Catholic places in the world, can land you in some hot water.

by Brian Kelly January 28th, 2010
Douglas Farrow of Catholic Civil Rights League: The Québec policy against homophobia was released in December with introductory fanfare from Premier Jean Charest and Justice Minister Kathleen Weil, who is officially “the minister responsible for the fight against homophobia.” It diagrams a full-scale assault, to be coordinated by an inter-departmental committee, against “homophobic attitudes and behaviour patterns” and “sets out the government’s goal of removing all the obstacles” to full recognition of LGBT interests and modes of life. What is thus promulgated is no ordinary policy document, for it aims at the conversion, not merely of this or that piece of public infrastructure, but of the psychological and moral and sexual infrastructure of a generation. It is not directed at creating a situation of legal equality – that, it proudly proclaims, has already been accomplished – but at creating “a society free of prejudice with regard to sexual diversity.”

Link to SBC site... Of course, no one is telling Weil about objective scientific studies at John's Hopkins about the whether or not homosexuality is genetic or not, of course, our diversity police won't want this study to see the light of day; the politics of deviance will see to that.

Paul McHugh, a Roman Catholic and a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, said that scientific research has not established any genetic causation for homosexual orientation. When asked if his paper might appear in "The American Journal of Psychiatry", he smiled and said, "No." Americans, he said, have become such victims of the "politics of deviance" that objective scholarship is brushed aside in favor of what is deemed to be politically correct.

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