Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beatify Archbishop Romero Now!

Beatify Archbishop Romero Now!

Not too much enthusiasm for +Romero, but this painting showing affinities to Diego Rivera's Mexican Muralism Style is telling. The enemies within the Church can use a Saint to give their cause of Liberation Theology a boost. Archbishop Romero, like the USCCB back in the 70s was trying to tell landowners how to dispose of their property; never mind that the land schemes envisioned by the +Romero and the Government and reformers actually put people out of work and made the El Salvadoran agricultural less efficient.


The Poor In Spirit said...

Right, you fascist tool, it was more efficient for the oligarchs and their American patrons to bury Romero and thousands of our (well, maybe my) fellow Catholics in that land.

Too bad Archbishop Romero and so many others were sold out by JP2.

Oscar Romero, Presente!

Tancred said...

It depends on your perspective. If you think that El Salvador can be a productive and profitable place for farmers and private property, sure, but if you're like +Romero, you want to insert some vain ideology in there, destroy people's livelihoods and ruin Salvador's agricultural export market.

After Romero and the land reforms, Salvador was incapable of producing a surplus of food, and so, poor people had to pay more for their bread, people went hungry.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that's Communism for you.

In any event, I've never seen any of you Marxists who are promoting +Romero take this analysis seriously.

Tancred said...

You're more interested in feeling superior than in understanding anything about how ideologies work.