Saturday, December 5, 2009

Media Hoopla against Prince Charles Pre-ordered and Planned

Insight into the manufacture crises and mood manipulation of the liberal media-czars.


We heard nothing on the TV news media about the 'relevance of the monarchy in Canada' until a week or two before the arrival of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in Canada.

The survey the media manipulated must have been taken in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver in a mixed culture where a monarchy is seemingly unknown.

All during the royal visit, the TV media and especially the TV news presenters (Peter Mans-bridge, Tom Clark, etc.) had debates and long-winded discussions ad nauseam about whether Canada should drop the monarchy and become a republic. Manipulation was quite obvious.

Now I ask you, wasn't that a fine welcome for the Royals? On previous royal tours, there would be full coverage of the Royals' daily happenings, but during the recent tour we were shown snippets only, about two minutes in an hour-long newscast. Tells you what the TV media is about, doesn't it?

Also strange is the fact that since Prince Charles and the Duchess left Canada on November 12, there are no more debates, no more discussions on the monarchy. Why? The late Senator Eugene Forsey would turn over in the grave to know the TV media showed so little respect for our 'Royal Visitors.'

The TV news media has a lot to answer for the constant barrage of such untimely discussions of the monarchy when the Royals were in Canada. Present the news, don't manipulate it.

Doris F. Saar,

Pembroke, ON

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