Friday, November 6, 2009

Pernicious Maoist influence in Nepal

More news about the usual ineptitude in countries affected by communist governments or influence. The Maoists in Nepal are bent on destroying the country and we can't think of any other way of seeing it than that powers outside of the country wish to erase the national history of a people as an experiment and an imperialistic motivation.

Those who burn the country by fire but talk of New Nepal are traitors. The country can run only on the bases of causes and effects. Politics without ideology has no meaning. In Nepal, so called parties Congress, UML and Maoists have no idea how to run the Nepal. Unless and until we are honest, the country would not get anything whatever you talk on idealistic and improved constitution. None of the parities or leaders was honest to nationality and democracy since 1990 (2047 BS). They thought the movement for democracy was just to rise in power, earn money, loot the country and get more personal facilities. Globally, the state has been constructed in two ways, either by dictating the people or by self motivated participation of people. In the world, some wonderful jobs have been done even by dictating the people. However the time has passed for dictators. Nothing can be obtained by imposition in national politics. The popular movement of 2005 (2063 BS) has been converted to a betrayal. In the name of construction of constitution, Congress, UML, Maoists and Madheshis are committed to demolish all established symbols, identities and beliefs of the nation. Apart to mandate of popular movement, Nepal's existence has been made endangered.

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