Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Monarchy is still Revered in Canada: relevance of Mainstream Journalists questioned.

Not a small number of Journalists are questioning the relevance of the Monarchy during Prince Charles' visit attempting to incite a "national dialogue" about something they've already concluded.

The following article from Reuters here says that the relevance of the Monarchy should be questioned, but it seems more obvious from the actual polls that, a few journalists notwithstanding, that the majority of Canadians revere their Queen and the Institution of the Monarchy as much as Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The thing that should be questioned here is the quality of the news services offered to Canadians.

The article did manage to correctly quote the Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the St. John's ceremony that Canada's association with the monarchy was a "defining symbol of our unique Canadian identity."

This is Prince Charles's 15th visit to Canada, but his first since 2001. Queen Elizabeth is expected to visit the country next year.

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