Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Jesuit...from Berkeley

Prepare for Christmas with Advent Retreat ―The Advent of Open Eyes‖ is a retreat for adults, led by Kevin Burke, S.J.—Friday evening, Dec. 4 and Saturday all day, Dec. 5 at OLG. Father Burke, a Jesuit, is a professor of theology at Santa Clara University in California. The retreat is sponsored by the Ignatian Associates of the Twin Cities, OLG and Loyola Spirituality Center. Cost is $25, if paid by Fri, Nov. 27. Brochures, with registration forms and more information, are available in the kiosk in the Commons. Call Terry Griep at 651-457-4339.

Kevin Burke SJ from Berkeley Union, Theological Seminary is an exciting and brave modern thinker, writer, champion of the poor, sexual minorities, he is a truth teller and a storyteller. He teaches and is the president of Union Theological Seminary, which hosts some of the world's foremost queer scholars.

He is an authority on Jesuit Revolutionary, Ignatio Ellacuria, who, although he was scorned and condemned by authority, was ever eager to join arms with the brave men of the FMLN who challenged North American Imperialism.

Not only is Kevin Burke SJ challenging our historico-theological assumptions but he is also engaged in directing our gaze within to address the oppression of sexual minorities whose marginalization today is such a burden on the conscience of the Church.

Come see how Liberation Theology is relevant for the future of "prophetic utopian realism". (qf. The Ground Beneath the Cross, preface)

"Nor is discrimination based on sexual identity new (even if such discrimination manifests itself in particularly virulent forms under the aegis of modernity) what is new is the realization that we cannot understand the reality of sexual preference apart from the culture that express and repress it. As each of these examples suggests the new attention to cultural diversity involves the humbling acknowledgement that we cannot access the signficance of such diversity apart from a genuine encounter with members of diverse cultures." ( Kevin Burke SJ - Discernment and Truth)

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