Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monarchy threatened in Nepal by India and China

The following article appeared in the India Times and points to India's growing interest in the government of Nepal which it apparently seeks to destabilize by overthrowing the monarchy. Mr Prasai, quoted in the article, quite rightly identifies the historical consequences that invariably follow from the overthrow of monarchy, an anarchy from which the Indian government hopes it will benefit.


The writer Mr. Prasai with the former president of India-1987

It is true that there are many countries which do not have monarchy still they could remain independent and prosperous. But in a diverse country like Nepal, monarchy is the only basis of national unity and Nepal cannot be compared with other countries. Indian conspirators are taking some deviant leaders of the political parties on their shoulders with the sole aim that it will be easy for them to control Nepal if monarchy can be displaced. But such a situation will be a happy one for India also. Some communist parties take monarchy as the root cause of Nepal’s all woes. This is not correct. No Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest.

Many countries where monarchy was displaced have now ceased to exist and several other have fallen into anarchy and civil war. It will be totally inappropriate without knowing fully the ground realities. It was not for whether to keep monarchy or not. The Nepalese constituent assembly is just a representative organization to formulate a new constitution and it does not have any right to displace monarchy. Can the future of the country be decided just because so called big political parties ganged up together? Those powerful nations, who in the past shed blood in Vietnam, North and South Korea, East and West Germany, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, are now trying to drag Nepal into a civil war. So, if the political leaders, including the Maoists, tried to trample on this truth, one should know that the existence of Nepal [is threatened?].

And as if to confirm it, the article appears here at Revolution in Asia blog.

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