Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Liberal Obfuscation at the Pope's Offer?

We're already aware that this offer of Benedict may be met with a lukewarm reception even among the disaffected Anglicans who don't see how they can possibly reconcile the new positions elucidated in the Covenant and biblical and doctrinal Christianity.

Father Z has warned of a Liberal meltdown in the wake of this announcement. There are already some reports that two disaffected Anglican Bishops are not necessarily coming over.

The following report in the Telegraph takes Bishop of Chichester to task for his unequal statements that he wanted to have in the agreement that his orders were always in effect. Well, in a sense they were, at least as regards Baptism. I'm sure that the Bishop baptised many new Christians, but that's not strictly speaking, always the role of the priest. This should be interesting to watch.

Disaffected Anglican bishops don't know if they're coming or going

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was at least clear on Saturday. He said: “I have to admit that Arcic and its work has been shot to pieces.” He went on to say that his hopes for unity with Rome had been destroyed

In fact, it seems that he is not becoming a Catholic because, despite his continual condemnation of homosexuality, he is at heart, an Anglican.

It's hard to understand what he's holding out for, because if Arcic has been shot to pieces, so has any semblance of continuity, save the most superficial, between historical Christianity and the Anglican Communion.

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