Saturday, November 30, 2019

E. Michael Jones on InfoWars

Edit: this is wonderful. Please watch E. Michael Jones on Alex Jones’ Banned.

What’s especially comical about this interview is how the journalist at Rolling Stone Magazine thinks that the pledge by a large number of young people not to masturbate in November is anti-Semitic.

It looks like the ADL has gone too far.

This story has been endorsed by an old queen of ye olde apologetics boondoggle.



Anonymous said...

That show kicked ass. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars getting together with
Alex Jones of Info Wars is gonna cause some serious angst for the oligarchs. Alex is a discredited plant married to a Jew. But... he has a YUGE audience of people who already know they're being lied to. This was a meeting that wasn't supposed to happen.

EMJ was also on Red Elephant

Michael Dowd said...

Thank Epon. Outstanding interview. This is a must view video. 40 minutes. This about uses of sex by Left to destroy morality, increase depression, destroy courage which allows them to take control. The Catholic Church hierarchy is now one of the Left's prime supporters of this evil. We need a revolution. And it will come. No question about that.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Tancred. Thanks for this post. ABS has stopped watching the news and so this was eye-opening.

Anger directed at those who desire that men not commit a serious sin is an almost perfect metaphor of how Satan controls liberals.

As Pope Leo XIII taught, there are only two kingdoms on earth

The Kingdom of God, The Catholic Church and all who desire to be part of her

The Kingdom of Satan

It is not complicated but satan's servants are irked that others are going to stop committing the sins they consider sacred, sacred in the sense that certain perversions may not be mocked for they have been set apart for the worship of Satan.

Anonymous said...

They're finally starting to wake up.
Been a lonely long 26 yrs of hearing Republicans bitch about the "real racists."

Phinnpoy said...

Be wary of E Michael Jones. He's Pro-Muslim. I used to subscribe to CW until he started to pal up to the Muzzie's.

Tancred said...

He’s been kind of u critically laudatory for Iran, but that’s not too horrible.

Anonymous said...

Sure all the opus devils are bellying up to Infowars to take it out before the 2020 election--put Jones in jail w/Manafort, Assange, and Stone (and Trump if they could), while 'pardoning' and giving immunity to the podestas, clintons, bushes and cheneys. [Who killed Vince Foster? And what did opus devil freeh (barr) get to cover it up?]

Many people pretend to be who they are not (and I mean em jones).

Anonymous said...

EMJ is great on Jews, but borderline-retarded when it comes to race. He honestly seems to believe that blacks could be on par with Germans in areas such as culture, economics, and work ethic if they had more time being Catholic.

Jones also fails to mention that Catholic Clergy were in lock-step with the Termites/WASPs when the Catholic Neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed during the (((Civil Rights))) Era. Jim Goad appeared with EMJ and Richard Spencer (to his credit--the man goes anywhere he is asked with the notable exception being Jay Dyer). EMJ told a story about his cousin from Ireland that was killed by blacks in Philadelphia. Goad asked Jones, "So if your cousin had told his killers that he was Irish and not White would he still be alive today?". EMJ agrees with (((Tim Wise))) and Cornel West that "Whiteness is a social construct"--though for completely different reasons.

Rose said...

Jim Goad is basically a Satanist, no?

Anonymous said...

Jim Goad is an Atheist and a lapsed-Catholic. That being said, that doesn't mean he is wrong. EMJ gets so much right, but he has a real blind-spot on race. Jones also faced push-back from Mike Enoch from The Daily Shoah (funniest name for a podcast ever!) regarding EMJ's thoughts on "Whiteness as a social construct". At this point, you are seeing more men from the Alt.-Right drifting into Catholicism, in large part due to the influence of EMJ.

Lastly, Richard Spencer had a "gotcha" moment with EMJ not too long ago. It concerned the fact that East Asians were far more advanced (and Atheistic) than Catholics in Haiti and Africa. Jones retreated to his standard answer about not having as much time to develop---I don't even think EMJ believes that.

Tancred said...

Nick Fuentes is woke on race.

Interestingly, EM Jones and Nick are way more wholesome and comfy than a degenerate narcissist gay boomer, a federal asset and a Jew. Yes Enoch is a Jew.

Anonymous said...

It would never surprise me that Spencer is a federal agent (he's quite effeminate at times). At least admit that EMJ is a bit obtuse when it comes to counter-signaling Pat Buchanan regarding "Whiteness".

Lastly, EMJ has done more to get those with Conservative Political beliefs off the Republican Reservation than anyone as of late. The "Wages of Sin" Clip is an excellent primer about how (((Free Markets))) and Sodomy go hand-in hand. He's also very funny.

Tancred said...

Biology matters, that's indisputable.

Anonymous said...

One other compliment about EMJ. He exposed a fact that is very glaringly true. All the various Evangelical Organizations that were fighting cultural degeneracy, were never allowed to win. However, that was never their true purpose. Rather, they were there to make sure that political leaders would always "Bless" Israel.

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