Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Help Katholisches

Just click on the link and donate through PayPal.  It looks pretty straightforward.

Giuseppe Nardi is much maligned by his enemies even on this blog. I rely on him to see things correctly over seas and he has opened doors I would never have seen. He has contacts and has studied deeply the German scene which is so important to the Church’s sufferings today. I’m grateful for his continued apostolate which has helped so many Catholics see a way through this terrible time. God bless him!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Tancred and Guiseppe! May God send Blessings on you both.



BrotherBeowulf said...

Giuseppe Nardi is a mystic and one of the handful of trustworthy sources and commentary. May Our Lady of Fatima and our good Lord abundantly bless him!

Thank you for introducing him to the English-speaking Catholic world.

We’re much obliged to you both.

Brother Beowulf
N. Y., N. Y.

Michael Dowd said...

I tried PayPal but it wouldn't work. I only got to a German PayPal format which requested an e-mail address for whoever I wished to send funds.

Tancred said...

Click on the link in the site.
It allows you donate with a credit card # or going to PayPal.


Tancred said...

If you tick the box, you can make your payment monthly.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Tancred. I got PayPal to work and made a contribution.

Tancred said...

Thank you Mr. D!

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