Monday, July 6, 2015

Aberro-Delusion: "The Fool Wears His Heart on His Sleeve"

"Wisdom is like a prison to the fool, understanding is a
shackle to the uncomprehending."  Sirach 21:18
(Madrid) "Are they crazy?" Is what Spanish church historian and well-known Catholic blogger, Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña, wonders in connection with the accompanying picture. It shows Argentine Catholic women religious and gay activists who are shown together laughing  around gay flags and other LGBT flags.
Lesbian women religious or Catholic homosexuals? Neither is likely to be the answer, but it's the big new fashion to engage in propaganda for homosexuality and even to be proud it. The nuns are from the Argentine city of Saenz Peña Chaco.
Homo-flags hang from ministries and town halls. Christian Democratic parties do not differ from those of liberal or leftist parties. Everyone wants to be in the big race not to be too late  to be fashionable. Homosexuals are marching proudly in front, even among politicians, as they had reached a highly developed state of humanity with their unnatural sexual practices.  "No one has anything to say?" Asks de la Cigoña into space. A variety of responses were received on his blog: "Why should not a few women religious and lay Catholics join in  this fashion as they've run after other fashions in previous decades? That's much more convenient than to preach and evangelize," went the ironic query of a commentator on de la Cigoña.

"Consensus-relativism always at the expense of Revelation"

"The political left wrapped itself in the homo-flag, just as left-Catholicism also has gripped this flag. Who follows whom here? The left the cross? It is rather the other way around, as in the past. From history people learn hardly anything anyway," said another.
"This, 'gay pride' in the picture emblematically presents the consensus-relativism of our time. Everything is up for grabs, not categorical, but  submitted to the dominant opinion. How likely is it that the dominant opinion is Catholic? The consensus-relativism therefore is always at the expense of the revealed word of God,"  said another comment. And another: "In the Book of Sirach it says. The number of fools and gossips is infinite."
"If they do misguided things, then they drag out the habit, otherwise they run around in civilian clothes."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Torre de la Cigüeña
Trans: Tancred


Long-Skirts said...


Save the planet
Save the whale
Save the cans
Don't inhale.
Save the changes
Save your screen
Blend the genders
Pukish green.
Save the documents
Save the file
Save yourself
For fashion style.
Save the animals
Fur and skin
But save your soul...
Now that's a SIN!

Liam Ronan said...

I believe the intellectual model for 'Laudato Si' is 'Quaderni del carcere' ("The Prison Notebooks") written by the Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci. Change the cultural symbols; change the culture; then change the belief system.

I believe both Obama and Bergolio are masterful proponents of this Communistic method of unpicking the stitches of doctrine both political and religious.

Anonymous said...

We can thank Pope Francis and his thugs/advisors in the Vatican and elsewhere for this scandalous behavior of nuns, and I am sure priests and others now supporting homos.
None of this would have dared happen under Benedict XVI, or especially under John Paul II.
The evil of Pope Francis and his gang has spread quickly in the Church.
It will take a vigorous, youngish, traditiona new Pope with the determination and drive to ride the Church of the influence of Francis and his people. Do not despair. It will happen. And perhaps much sooner than the Francis gang hopes.

Marcel said...

How soon do you move into Econe?

Lynda said...


Lynda said...

If you want to change what people think, change the words they use - if you want to change what people assent to in the Faith and moral law . . .

Anonymous said...

No offense Buddy Man, but you remind me of the "EWTN" crowd that cheers Francis no matter what he says or does. Do you even read what he and his gang are pushing in the Church....and all the people like these gays and the nuns pictured in this post that get their inspiration from Francis and his people?
If you really DO know what is going on, and would give me a comment like that meant to be an insult, I don't consider it an insult but rather a compliment.The SSPX has kept the Catholic Faith, so I appreciate your efforts to associate me with them. Thanks!

Damian Malliapalli

joe said...

You can't disguise your predictably snarky, bitter sarcasm, Gaybriel. You think you are winning, but how very wrong you are.

Anonymous said...

The one woman, I think she's a woman, standing there next to the sister with her boobs hanging out. Crazy indeed.

Barnum said...


These lunacies did happen under JPII and BXVI. The attack has, however, become deeper, steadier, and faster in pace, so we forget what went on before. "Our foes press on from every side..." including the inside, for instance the 70-something dinosaurs from the 1960s that are still hanging on. They will die out, the decadent in the Americas and Europe will die out, and the Church will be renewed by the SSPX coming back inside, 3rd worlders, especially Middle Easterners and Asians who survived true, not gay, persecution, and the remnants in the Americas and maybe Europe. Christ and His Church will triumph over the sodomites, breathe a spell, then fight the next heresy.

Compliments to Liam for his learning, Long-Skirts for her rhyme,
Joe for Marcel spurning. Gabr'el's irrelevant every time!

Anonymous said...

Most nuns stopped being real nuns soon after vc 2 and now they are more social workers than nuns.
80 percent of nuns gone since vc2, and the worlds population has doubled.
all that are left are the old geriatric ones
In 20 years they will be all dead.
.next to no new young vocations.
Become a nun, lose your soul, as per above pictures,
Remember last year the picture of an old nun wearing a jumper saying" nuns for choice"?
God is saving young girls from this perversion.

Cyril said...

That's exactly what Christianity has done for two thousand years. It's called inculturation. That the way Evangelization works.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Fortunatly, there are a few traditional/traditionalist Orders left in the Catholic Church that are at least holding steady and gaining some vocations. I travel some in my job, and have been to Italy where I have been in Rome several times and have seen many Orders of nuns crossing St. Peter's Square, and elsewhere in the Eternal City and parts of Italy.
It's funny, but the Orders that still maintain the "old habits" of the 1950's glory days of the Church are some of the youngest nuns I have ever seen. There are old ones there too, but the young ones (30's and early 40's at the most), predominate. There is even a small (less than 30 member) Order of nuns which are trying to restore both the old habit and apostolate of the Religious of the Sacred Heart (founded by St. Madeline Sophie Barat in 1800). They were actually started by 6 now aged nuns formerly of that Order in Italy, who left it because they couldn't stand the radical liberalism (lay clothes femminists) the Order had become.
There are a fair number of Orders in Italy that are still traditional and wear the old habits, or at least a conservative long modification. They tend to be of smaller communities. The high profice big communities all went radical and lay clothes in the 1970's and have collapsed. Their average ages are , like the USA nuns, in the mid to late 70's. They all look like elderly laywomen out on a stroll from the neighboring nursing home.
During Benedict XVI's fantastic papacy, you would almost never see the lay clothes nuns come to any Papal was as if they stayed away in protest. But the traditional Orders were there. And you will never see the old progressive Orders of nuns participating in the Corpus Christi procession in Rome......just like the radical Pope Francis doesn't. But he's worthless and at this point,almost undeserving of any comment.
But I advise everyone to read the guy's comments on his "victory tour" homecoming to Latin America. Just like the snake he is, by word and deed on his tour, he has been trying to set the Church up to be prepared for big changes regarding marriage and the family at the Synod. Subtle comments in support of change......and we all know what that means. He asked the people in Ecquador to pray for a miracle at the Synod for change.
Let us hope there is a miracle there, but not the kind Francis and his thugs want, but rather a hardline and overwhelming re-affirmation of traditional Catholic teaching, and a repudiation of also mouning pressure against him regarding change in this issue within the College of Cardinals, etc. People can't sit back and do nothing. I hope Francis is stopped cold.

Damian Malliapalli

Liam Ronan said...

And, but for the Grace of God and the Power of the Word of God, it can all be undone in 50 years or so.

Anonymous said...

i think this is what you are referring to:

shortly before the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Church will celebrate the Ordinary Synod devoted to the family, deepen her spiritual discernment and consider concrete solutions and help to the many difficult and significant challenges facing families today. I ask you to pray fervently for this intention, so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, like the water in the jars scandalizing or threatening us, and turn it – by making it part of his “hour” – into a miracle. The family today needs this miracle.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully there are some vibrant traditional religious orders that are booming. I support these but most of them are cloistered. I pray that we will get some traditional teaching nuns for our traditional parishes. I understand there are a few small groups of teaching nuns forming but not nearly enough to server the desperate need for orthodox training our young people need.

john said...

Tradition must be fought for tooth and nail, now. That is the only thing left that will restore order. The majority of the Church is clearly in apostasy, as has been prophesied.

Anonymous said...

And the leader of the apostasy is the Pope himself. That too, was prophesied by at least three Saints...including Saint Francis who mentioned it shortly before his death in 1226. I believe St. Catharine of Siena spoke of it, Saint John Bosco, and in apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima.

Lynda said...


Lynda said...

It just needs a good pope that will do his sacred duty.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

VII and its 'masterful proponents' blow so much smoke over the truth that by the time it has cleared, the stage has been reset and no one remembers what used to be there. Compare VII's Dignitatis Humanae with Pius IX's Quanta Cura - these two documents do not come from the same source.

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