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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FRC Shooting Linked to Marxist Hate Group

Edit: Some of these people like to gloat behind the scenes and try to work their magic through subterfuge and perpetuating untrue portrayals of various figures.

And at other times, it comes out in extremely violent ways, like when Frank Pelligrini was stabbed multiple times.  Not only was it clearly a crime committed by a homosexual, according to police profilers, but the crime scene was visited by Cardinal Bernardin.  No policeman had ever seen such close involvement by a high-level churchman before.  But there was a lot of plausible deniability, and the perpetrator still hasn't been caught years later.
Ecclesiastical Vandal Cardinal Bernardin

Most of the time SPLC's hate, like that of many parasites within the Church, is more low key, more deniable.  Moris Dees, of course, like many of his ilk is a thoroughly despicable individual with a very spotty past, and it's no wonder that his megalomania has finally blown up in his face.

This is how the Southern Nationalist Network sees it.  There really isn't any other way to see it.  It's time to hang these people by their own inflammatory rhetoric:
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been fanning the flames of extremism against the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian lobbying organisation. Now we have word that a gunman, perhaps radicalised by the SPLC’s far-Left propaganda, has stormed the FRC’s headquarters in Washington, DC, opening fire on a security guard. The guard, who was shot in the arm, managed to wrestle the shooter to the ground and thereby prevent a possible massacre. The Washington, DC police are calling the security guard a hero for stopping this act of domestic terrorism.
Given the Southern Poverty Law Center’s extreme language against the Family Research Council, questions are being raised about the group’s possible connections to the shooter. Did the would-be killer visit the SPLC’s website and was he inspired by their radical, anti-Christian ideology? These are questions we need answered in order to assess the possible threat that the SPLC and their followers present to the general public. 
Update: The SPLC has issued a statement about the shooting saying ‘We condemn all acts of violence.’ However, they have not retracted any of their extremist language about the Christian lobby or apologised for promoting hatred against them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arizona shooting suspect might escape death if convicted


McClatchy Newspapers

Reacting to the Arizona shooting with anger, sadness and shock, a majority of Americans think that suspect Jared Loughner should be sent to death row if he's convicted, according to one poll. But if statistics are any indication, he has a good chance of escaping execution.

Federal prosecutors have had little luck persuading juries to send defendants to death row. Of 467 defendants whom U.S. attorneys general in Washington have authorized to face the federal death penalty since it was instituted in 1988, only 15 percent have received it.

The list of criminals who've escaped federal death row includes high-profile convicted killers: Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols and Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tucson Shooting Reveals Return to 1990s Mindset in America: Evil Liberals Are Blaming the Victims

Editor:  The liberal media is more likely to blame in its valorization of a cult of violence and death in major motion pictures, academia, medicine and politics in general, which have far more cultural impact than do "conservative" talk shows.

The last time liberals had unrivaled political power, they ended up slaughtering millions of people after usurping the Russian Throne. So, in this case, conservatives like the Czar and his family were the victims of a liberal wealth confiscation scheme.  Too impatient to rely on inflation, the liberals killed the Czar and his family in a remote place under cover of darkness.

Now they're blaming "conservatives" for something they've definitely influenced by their cancerous presence in motion pictures and music.

America has been going through something of a political time-warp in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre.
The public discussion again and again harkens back to the mid-1990s when the Oklahoma City bombing spurred the American elite to a lengthy discussion about the rise of radicals on the right. Reporters and analysts this week have endlessly reprised the arguments of 15 years ago.
Will President Obama's memorial speech at the University of Arizona evoke Bill Clinton's mix of sympathy and political accusation in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing? Is a toxic political climate to blame for setting off a madman? Are conservative opinion mongers to blame? [They're asking the wrong questions.  Look within.]

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