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Friday, July 6, 2012

Munich Diocese Gives Prize For Insulting the Church

Desecration of bodies:  the fatted calf of Munich and Freising has earned his local church some well deserved ridicule and mockery.
Kardinal Marx von München und Freising
© Dieter Schmitt, Fulda DSC, Wikipedia, CC

(  The Berlin film producer, Philip Scheffner (45) hates the Church and is also a homosexual ideologue.

Because of that the Old Liberal Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, gave him the 'Fritz Gerlich Film Prize'.

The Name of the Victim of the National Socialists is Defiled

The dubious distinction is awarded with 10,000 Euros.

It defiles the name of the convert and arch-Catholilc NS victim Fritz Gerlich (+1934)

The prize money comes from "Tellux Film GmbH", the majority of whose associates are Old Liberal Bishops.

Canonized Slave Traders

Scheffner was honored for a two hour long tear rending film "Revision".

It manipulated the death of two Romanian gypsies, Grigore Velcu and Eudache Calderar.

The two wanted to escape illegally over the German-Silesian border on June 29th 1992 at dawn.

It was then that they were shot by hunters, who mistook them for wild animals.

It was then learned that the two deceased belonged to a ring of slave traders.

The Feeling was undercut

Irrespective of the sad film, collective German shame and guilt were incited.

The main instrument for that was a maudlin and painful sentimentalism to which German audiences are known to fly.

He was "incredibly angry" then that the members of the victim's family were not informed informed by the German authorities -- Scheffner continued to play his sentimental strings while receiving the prize.

The acting,  he addressed his film "with the halting voice" to the relatives of the dead.

Ambivalent greed 

Scheffner made no secret of his hatred for the Church during the reception of the prize:

"The conception of accepting  a Catholic film prize -- and I also interpret this prize that way -- for our film "Revision" has for me, and the entire team and our surrounding community, has triggered ambivalent feelings."

Really, it's not every day one gets 10,000 Euro.

The Calves Applaud

And so Scheffner decided to take the money and strike the one who gave it at the same time.

He praised the powerful homosexual forces [referring to a demonstration earlier where Vienna's police did nothing in the face of a violent and illegal homosexual counter-demonstration on June 16th] and made the victim into a perpetrator and the perpetrator into a victim:

"The position of the Catholic Church to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders represents a massive discrimination against people" -- he cursed like a demon.

The applauding public, who drummed up the fated calf of Munich and Freising, recalled Bertold Brecht (+1956):

"Behind the drums come  the calves.  The drum's skin it would provide itself."

Philip Scheffner's Necrophilia

Scheffner's tirades were an outrageous for of necrophilia.

Fritz Gerlich -- after he was named for film prize didn't care one bit for homosexuals -- they would have dealt him a resounding canning for that.

And for the dead gypsies, manipulated by Scheffner there is nothing more to their times alive than a shameful disgrace and dishonor to be portrayed by his homosexual filth.

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