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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News Stories -- Honored by Slanderers

Kardinal Elia Dalla Costa († 1961)
© gemeinfrei

Honored by Slanderers

Israel.  The slanderous Holocaust Museum Yad Vaschem has declared the Italian Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa (+1961) of Florence as "Righteous Among Peoples".  This was made known yesterday.  The priest saved countless Italian Jews as well as Jewish refugees from France and Yugoslavia from deportation by the Germans.  He hid refugees mostly with the help of his priests and Monastery.  There is a cause for his canonization since 1981.

Democracy in English

Great Britain.  The English Anglicans are seeking -- after the failed vote -- a new way to impose Lay-Bishopesses.  One will simply change the concluding hearing.  According to current rules the earliest that women Bishops can be voted on is 2014.  For that reason the Lay-Bishops are already deciding next week over another legislative procedure.  The Synod supposedly doesn't represent the majority of Anglicans, explained its General Secretary without further adieu.

AIDS is and remains a Homosexual Disease

Germany.  The venereal disease AIDS is spreading more in Germany.  This was according to the estimation of the Robert-Koch-Instiute.  Till the end of 2012 there are about 78,000 HIV-infected in Germany.   Coming from that, believe it or not, are 51,000 -- therefore 65 percent -- who are from the tiny homosexual population group.  In 2012 3,400 people are expected to be infected -- about 100 more than last year.

"No One Told us THAT"

Switzerland.  Bishop Bernard Fellay -- the General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X --  described his encounter with a young, Argentinian priest, in his All Souls sermon in the priestly seminary in Econe in Switzerland.  He had no understanding of the actual Faith.   He saw the Mass of All Ages for the first time with the Society.  Until shortly before that, he had no idea that this Rite existed.  The priest was angered that this treasure had been hidden from him:  "That is the Mass?  No one told ever us about it."

Frustrated Conciliar Priest Stages Himself by the Enemies of the Church

German. Pastor Reinhold Hubschle of the Trinity Church in the West of the 50,000 population city of Ravensburg has decided not to continue in the priesthood.  This was trompeted by the anti-Church 'Schwabische Zeitung'.  Fr. Hubschle has been a priest since 1984.  It has been for him really the best "job".  Actually it was out of his hands.  The older he became, the more he longed for a wife:  "Someone to have and share my life with me, that was already my true desire."  On the altar he was "never conscious, of speaking in the person of Christ in the [Novus Ordo] Eucharist."  He put his heart's blood into a project for migrants.  Perhaps he will find a suitable position there.

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