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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pope Names Member of Giordano Bruno Society to Pontifical Council


Why couldn't he have just named Adolf Hitler?

An unbelievable scandal: Wolf Joachim Singer is the meber of an aggressive, atheist group, which considers believers to be pigs. Actually, in the Vatican he gets an appointment for that.

(, Vatikan) On Saturday Pope Benedict XVI appointed the German Wolf Joachim Singer (68) as an advisor to the Pontifical Council on Culture.

Singer is a Neuroscientist and director of the Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience in Frankfurt am Main.

Is he working on dementia patients in the Vatican?

The President of the Pontifical Council on Culture is Curial Cardinal Gianfranco Ravas (69) who suffers from dementia.

The scandal of the new appointment: Singer belongs to the advisory board of the atheist society 'Giordano Bruno Foundation'.

He is a determined opponent of the idea that man has free will. [Like a Calvinist]

It is the Archenemy of the Church and of Humanity

The 'Giordano Bruno Foundation' has presumptuously assigned itself the mission of "Evolutionary Humanism" as a goal.

This consists among other things in a ruthless defamation of the Church.

Because: According to the foundation, religion has "influenced the cultural evolution of humanity in an adverse manner." In 2009 they aired a bus campaign with the defamatory slogan: "There is (with almost certain probability) no God."

They promote the murder of children.

The leader of this band is the church-hating underwear prophet Micheal Schnidt-Salomon.

Even the heretical Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg described him in 2009 as a "spiritual assassin who has described the faithful as stuffed pigs and promotes the murder of children."

Schmidt-Salomon also agitated the hate-demonstrations against the September visit of Benedict XVI in Berlin.

The new advisor denies free will

Singer himself considers himself to be a "leading Neuroscientist".

In any case he denies the fre will of men and along with that his own culpability.

In 2004 Singer wrote an article in the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung' an article with the following title: 

"Interconnections bind us securely: we should cease from talking about freedom." In November 2008 he told the German weekly "Zeit" [Time]:

"We have imagined all of our religious systems." Roman observers are puzzled over the question just what the Pope or Cardinal Ravasi can learn from this odd duck.

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