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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diocesan Priest Joins the SSPX: Italy

A pubescent parturient Church and Liturgy aims more toward including people than to making them holy.

(, Italy) At the end of the last year Father Massimo Sbicego (38) quietly, but suprisingly left his assignment.  This was according to the regional paper 'Corriere del Veneto' on 12 January.

Fr. Sbicego belongs to the Old Liberal Diocese of Vicenza in Northern Italy.

Since September 2009 he was assigned in three outlying parishes in the vicinity of Val d'Astico -- south east of the city Trent.

The ground for his departure remains unclear.  Some in the parishes even suspected a romantic affair.

Actually, on the 11th of January the clergyman sent a litter to his Parishes and another letter to the Vicar General of Vicenza.

Therein Fr. Sbicego made known the reasons for his departure to the Society of Pius X.  he criticized at the same time the Liturgical situation in the Conciliar Church.

He could not bear that the Holy Mass of today which some would subordinate it, that they find it "boring",  and who want "more creative" forms or knew nothing of our Lord and Savior.

"For this reason it's clear to me that this problem with the communal nature of the Mass is connected to the use of the national language."

For the clergyman there is the danger that today a Liturgy and a Church will be constructed, that is pubescent and aims more "to include" than to make holy.

He regreted that the past church catechesis substantiates this claim -- "above all, where the Catholic teaching is forgotten, not instructed and sometimes even held to ridicule, in favor of "human aspects"
which don't come penetrate reality.

His decision to join the Society, was a "painful" one for the clergyman.

 He had considered his decision for a month: "In the Society I have found a deep sense of the Catholic priesthood."

Many prefer the impression that he left the Diocese: "Actually as a Catholic, I'm coming back home."

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