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Monday, November 2, 2020

Cardinal Duka of Prague Banned by Twitter for Praising Trum's Supreme Court Pick

Dominik Cardinal Duka, the Archbishop of Prague, fell victim to Twitter censors.

(Prague) First, the social networks as FacebookTwitter et al. praised as “the” forms of communication appropriate to democracy. As soon as the masses were attracted, but no longer ticked their boxes as requested during elections, the trap then snapped shut. The communication giants have become censors who are carrying out more and more systematic orgies of deletion in order to silence undesirable opinions. The Czech Cardinal Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague and Primate of Bohemia, also fell victim to this censorship.

As his press spokesman Jirí Prinz announced, the cardinal's access to his Twitter channel was blocked. A reason for the blocking was not given by Twitter. Nor did anyone approach the cardinal to draw his attention to this. At the end of last week, a meeting was held in the archdiocan ordinariate to discuss possible steps to solve the problem.

The Czech news site Echo24 speculated that the blocking with a product of the Czech Internet newspaper Konzervativní noviny (Conservative newspaper) might have something to do with it.  Cardinal Duka had linked an article this past October 1st. This article welcomed Amy Coney Barett's nomination as a US Supreme Court Justice. Apparently, Twitter wanted to "curb" the spread of this article, as is concluded from the overall behavior of the microblogging service. The cardinal's spokesman did not want to speculate about it, as Twitter did not officially give a reason. The fact is, however, censorship was exercized.

The example illustrates the extent of censorship that was established within a few years. The specific reason for this was the election victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election in November 2016. The day after, the New York Times blamed social networks for the victory of Trump, the political left and Washington's establishment were shocked. The social networks had made unfiltered news distribution possible. This characteristic of democracy and the fundamental right to freedom of expression was suddenly no longer “in fashion.” Conversely, the left-liberal world leading medium had declared that public opinion had to be controlled, which had previously been done through the published opinion of the mainstream media. This control is endangered by the establishment of new media with the help of social networks and must urgently be regained.

A cardinal of the Catholic Church has now also fallen victim to this censorship, which has since become more and more intensive, because he linked to an article whose opinion the establishment obviously does not like. The cardinal writes in Czech and sits in Prague, far from the USA. However, the internet giants' censorship algorithms don't seem to notice any difference.

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed just a week ago as a judge and sworn in on the same day by US President Donald Trump. The censorship process against Cardinal Duka is all the more obvious and raises questions that require answers.

The new censorship doesn't even require the push of a button. It is largely dehumanized and left to computers.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Twitter (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Francisus: Very Popular Reception for Pope's Latin Twitter

The Latin Twitter account of Pope Francis has a surprising number of subscribers

Vatican / Washington ( / CNA / jg) The Latin Twitter account of Pope Francis has a surprising number of subscribers, called "followers". Even more amazing is the high number of responses, which are also written in Latin.

With 123,000 followers, the papal Twitter messages ("tweets") in Latin have more prospects than their Polish, Arabic or German equivalents. "It is remarkable how lively the Latin Twitter account is," says Timothy Noone, professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of America to CNA. "I'm surprised how many people are able to write in Latin," he added. The variety of the Latin responses to the papal tweets contradict the view that Latin is a dead language, Noone said.

He and some of his colleagues were able to speak, Latin. The professor of medieval metaphysics and epistemology sees the Latin activities at the papal "tweets" to be quite positive. Knowledge of the language is essential to understand Western culture, he told CNA.

Benedict XVI. opened the papal Twitter account December 2012 and his first messages were sent in eight languages. Most popular are Spanish and English with 2.8 million and 2.7 million subscribers. In January 2013 Latin was added as the ninth after numerous inquiries to the Vatican had been received. Following the resignation of Benedict the Twitter account had been shut down. Pope Francis has enabled it again soon after his election.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Pope #1 Religious Leader on Twitter

Vatican (Catholic news / RV). Pope Francis is currently the religious leader with the most followers on Twitter. 117 days after taking office, the Pope reached a total of 7.297 million users over the short message service (as of 13:30). Immediately following the spiritual leader of the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, with 40,000 fewer subscribers. Francis has the most followers, with around 2.78 million in the Spanish-speaking world. 116,000 users in Germany follow the Pope's channel. Available in nine languages ​​in the channel "@ pontifex" Pope Francis has been sent 80 tweets. Most recently, he wrote on Monday during his visit to the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa: "Let us ask a big heart for immigrants. God will judge us according to how we have met the most needy.” [Surely, not according to forced subsidies, enforced from the end of a gun.]

 Photo: Pope Francis - Image Source: Andreas Gehrmann

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