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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are There Still Heretics and Heresies in the Church? -- Dissident Group Complains to the CDF

Offices of the CDF
(Rome) A group of Catholic theologians, bishops, priests and nuns, a total of 15 people, has asked the Roman Congregation for  "more transparency," Vatican Radio reported.
The authority should ignore "anonymous denunciations"  in the future, reads the letter released today. Furthermore, all those whose writings are studied, should know exactly of what they are accused and who conducts the investigation. Also, the same persons ought not to be the prosecutor, investigator and judge. The 15 signatories come from Australia, the USA, Ireland or Spain and have been criticized on their own account for their works by the CDF. As justification for their current letter, they say they had written proposals at the end of February  to Rome, but received no reply.
"The  CDF which goes back to the 16th century is the oldest and highest in dogmatic questions, highest Vatican curial authority. Its task is to promote and protect the teaching of the Catholic Church, as in the Apostolic Constitution, 'Pastor Bonus.' The "Department of the Doctrine" observes theological research and checks whether individual content is compatible with the principles of the Catholic faith. The experts of the CDF evaluate works nominated by local church authorities with the same object.. If necessary, the CDF tries to clarify any problems in exchange with the author,", says Vatican Radio .
The problem in the Church, however, is not a lack of transparency by the CDF, but heretics, dissenters and the disobedient. They want to keep neither to the ecclesiastical doctrine nor to ecclesiastical discipline and then complain about it even when they are held accountable to it. It's an attitude which has an anarchic underlying basis. Each party and each club has a statutory objective, a purpose and a system. According to these ideas the Catholic Church should do no less than give free rein.
The problem is rather that there is no real point in the Church, to which Catholics, clergy and laity, can lodge complaints against everyday violations of the Catholic doctrine and order. An authority that reliably handles the input and power of decision.
After letters to the competent bishop remain unanswered, or letters to other places show no effect, many of the faithful give up.
In German-speaking countries,  several hundred priests and deacons have signed a Call to Disobedience. There are no real consequences known. The words "heretic" and "heresy" are avoided. It no longer exists in the current language of the Church, in fact. Therefore the result is the uncertainty in dealing with heretics and heresies, who and complain even if at some point someone puts them in their place.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Litigious, Pro-Homosexual Mexican Bishop Thumbs Nose at Local Critics

Edit: Mexico has a petulant and grandiose Prelate running the show who doesn't agree with the Church's teachings. He's so bad his people have even protested outside the Chancery against him. Of course, that's almost unheard of in the United States probably owing to the fact that there aren't enough Catholics to have a decent protest, but we digress.

His Lordship was called to Rome for an investigation recently.

Since then he's claimed already that he wasn't reprimanded by the Vatican in El Universal for his support of a group that promotes homosexuality called, Noe Ruiz or any of the other egregious things he's been accused of doing.

The Bishop is also promoting the abolishing of the Church's teaching on the sin of abortion at Lifesite.

When the local laity protested against this Old Liberal, as was reported by Whispers, this deeply spiritual and humanitarian crusader for civil rights threatened to sue them.