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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Immemorial Mass of All Ages is Only for the Brave

Editor: Bishops will try to administratively and in any other way they can, ruin Seminarians and Priests who want to learn the Immemorial. Yet a courageous Scottish priest perseveres and celebrates the Immemorial at the Chair of Peter with the mighty Cardinal Brandmueller. It's the first time in forty years.
Plus this from te igitur blog:

[Catholic News Agency] Fr. Dunn said the advisory note seemed to interpret the Pope’s instructions in a way that effectively turned many of them on their head. In fact, the renowned blogger Fr. John Zuhlsdorf described the advisory document’s interpretation of “Summorum Pontificum” as the “coldest, most hostile I have read so far.”

“There were three Glasgow priests signed up to the course in Oxford. After that note came round, two dropped out. They felt really intimidated. My own response, though, was to stick it out and attend.

“Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster said the first Mass. When I told him I was from the Archdiocese of Glasgow he said, ‘My goodness, you’re a brave boy’.”

Universae Ecclesiae: One priest's story :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) cited CNA and added to the story:

Seeking Consolation and Support in Rome

He visited the Conference on the Old Mass, which the Italian Organiation 'Youth and Tradition' had organized from Friday till today.

Today the Cardinal Emeritus Walter Brandmueller celebrated the Old Rite in the Pontifical Office on the Altar of the Cathedral of St. Peter -- the first of its kind in over forty years.

Father Dunn will assist at this Mass.

The new Instruction has Fr. Dunn in a hopeful mood.

He prays that Pope Benedict XVI and his advisers at the presentation of the Instruction to the Bishops of the whole world, will accept no deviations accepted.

In the meatime, there are two priests celebrating the Old Mass in the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

Actually, five other priests are learning it now. original...

The SSPX in Germany Lauds 'Universae Ecclesiae'

Editor: Something for everyone.

( The Old Liberal Front in the German -- the theoflunkies, journalists and Bishops -- rebel against the new Instruction 'Universae Ecclesiae'.

That is the result of the first reaction to the document.

The German Bishops' Conference published only a brief press release on the publication of the new document.

The current Counsel of the Bishop's Conference will "advise" on the Instruction of the next meeting in June -- completely unnecessarily.

Accordingly, the original Guidelines of 2007 have "only been slightly altered".

The Nattering Bishops

The statement of the Bishops Conference attempted to downplay the importance of the Mass of All Times:

"In Germany there are 128 locations which celebrate the Mass at irregular intervals.

For that reason they are not organized in communities.

In comparison to which: In Germany there are 11,300 Parish Communities."

That these parish Communities are, in comparison to Old Rite Communities, massively over aged and spiritual dead is not discussed.

The Novus Ordo Eucharistic Celebration Expresses a Theological Break.

The speaker of the "Workers Community of Catholic Liturgists", the layman Benedict Kranemann, also criticized the Instruction.

Kranemann teaches in Erfurt.

He lamented that the Instruction had not taken into account the Critique of the German Bishop's Conference and the German State-theoflunkies.

There is a danger that "tensions within the Church will be intensified".

Kranemann asks, how "two different forms of religious services could stand for the same theology?"

This -- justifiable -- objection had been made also by Italian Liturgists.

In any case: The Sedevacantists are Discussed

The chief editor of the German 'Catholic News Agency', Ludwig Ring-Eifel, maintains, that the Instruction has "validated decisively the Traditionalist Faithful" in almost all points of argument.

The Instruction "has made an enormous entrance with the inhabitants of this stream near the Bishops" -- wrote Ring-Eifel almost as precisely careful as the Instruction itself.

In reality the Instruction forbids the Bishops to offer the ordination in the Old Rite in their Diocese.

Finally, Ring-Eifel commented on a "sharp" cut off of "tradionalist fanatics, who go so far as to declare the New Mass as invalid."

He mentioned the Sedevacantist position, in order to insinuate the Society of St. Pius X:

"The adherents of the Society of St. Pius X, which is at present in discussions over dogmatic conflicts with Rome, must decide where they stand."

Society of St. Pius X Praises Instruction

The German district superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Father Franz Schmidberger, boisterously praised the Instruction to the German 'Catholic News Agency'.

The Pope has placed a necessary bar on the arbitrary sidetracking of the Motu Propio by many Bishops.

The Cleric was especially pleased that the Instruction has promoted better Latin instruction.

Fr. Schmidberger sees a "serious Will" of the Vatican, 'to protect holiness of the Liturgy".

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