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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Dregs Swim to the Top

Regarding the Ascent of the Green Party

The parties are part of democracy, because they allow people without ability and character to excel.

(  Democracy is a form of mass social existence in which the lower classes make a tin god of themselves.

With the erecting of a temple of self-divinization -- the propylaea -- the Democracy takes its beginning.

He is positions himself for deification.

The Mob Revolution

In these days such temples aren't called propylaea, but parliaments.

The political parties are  the components  of Democracies, because they offer possibilities for advancement, which reach disproportionate social heights, without being accompanied by corresponding accomplishments or necessary qualities of character.

The conquest of the central political positions of power is the successful completion of the stage of Mass Revolution.

This has penetrated in all areas of social life, decomposing them democratically.

The Mass Aborbs

The aim of democracy consists in undermining the established competition.

In its place a cornucopia of opportunities is made, which gives the masses "equal chances",  to position themselves as members of parliament or higher in order to secure for themselves the best possible positions.

The universities, television studios, the courts, the administrative apparatus and the executive can not long withstand the power of the democratic masses.

They will by and by be overwhelmed by the democratic mob.

Emancipation of Ignorance

Need brings creativity and urges the teaming mob to pull all registers.

Through this all science will be falsified, as well as pseudo-sciences will be founded.

New titles will be introduced for common dignitaries.

Beheading Society

One can scratch some money together in order to appear prosperous and extravagant .

Jobs and positions will be discovered which no one needs.

At the end of democratization comes social collapse.

The democratic monster beheads society, in which all of those who are well-informed are pushed aside and the know-it-all is put in his place.

This is from the blog  Dr. Andrej Poleev...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Russian bishop: America has problems with democracy

Editor: If you read between the lines, you can see that he thinks the USA has too much Democracy and needs more Socialism.

Saratov, May 11, Interfax - Head of Patriarchal Dioceses in the USA Archbishop Justinian of Narofominsk believes the USA still has to work hard on its democracy.

"Economic living standards in the US are much higher than those in Russia. Our situation is aggravated by poverty and sometimes unbearable living conditions in the country's regions. At the same time, I wouldn't regard the situation in the United States as ideal," Archbishop Justinian said in an interview published by the Pravoslaviye i Sovremennost (Orthodoxy and Modern Times) magazine of the Saratov Diocese.

According to him, several thousand strong demonstrations may be held in America where people freely express their opinions and protests but "they often receive no response from the Government: "Do you want to speak out? You are welcome, this is America, and we have democracy. But the authorities will continue to pursue their own government policy."

"It is only evident. There are problems here just as in any other state, including problems with relations of nationalities," Archbishop Justinian said.

However, he believes that a true democracy or "to put it better, a true freedom of which we sometimes dream is unfeasible on Earth," as "a true freedom may be only in Christ."

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