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Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiss Army Prepares for Unrest in Europe

On the Left: Ueli Maurer is concerned for the security of
Switzerland (Photo: Flickr/Bundeswehr)
Switzerland estimates powerful unrest in Europe because of the Euro-crisis and expects to increase its defense of national borders.  Maneuvers are preparing for the serious case of unrest, demonstrations and refugees.

The Swiss Army expects a dramatic escalation in the situation with EU states locked in crisis with effects on the security of Switzerland.  This was reported by "Schweitzer Zeitung" on Sunday.  The reason:  because of diverse austerity measures the armies in southern European states are weakened.  Therefore the modernization of neighboring militaries remain on hold.  Thus, if the armies were weakened, then the states of Europe could be liable.  The Swiss Defense Minister Ueli Maurer said this Sunday during a meeting:  "I will not rule out that we we will need the army in the coming years."

The Defense Department VBS shares Mauerer's views.  The European crisis increases the potential for violence.  In Spain, Greece and Italy, massive unemployment  and radicalization of the population is threatening.  So regard is given to the warnings of the Greek Premier Antonis Samaras.

Because Switzerland fears intrusion of possible unrest on its soil, it is arming:  100,000 soldiers, 5 billions euro for military spending and the combat jet Gripen are planned for the defense of the Confederation.  Against potential unrest, demonstrations and streams of refugees from neighboring European neighbor states, the 2,000 highest officers have been preparing with the maneuver "Stabilo Due".  Army Chief of Staff Andre Blattmann has prepared for that reason, with four military police battalions and about 1,600 men to secure four areas on the national border.

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