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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Freethinkers" Want to Ban Summit Crosses in Switzerland

The Free-Thinker Society of Swizterland wants to ban crosses. They see that the religious neutrality of Switzerland is damaged by crosses.

Zurich/Luzern [] The Free-Thinker Society of Switzerland (FVS) wants to ban summit crosses. The weekly "Central Switzerland on Sunday" reported this. The mountain.

Reta Caspar, business manager of the FVS said, the Society wants "no new summit crosses". Most have been standing for years, but today building permit. "And now we expect from the authorities that there will bee a moritorium," said Caspar to the Times. As far as building permits for new summit crosses the FVS will establish a caveat. That will also apply to the replacement of existing crosses, said Casper.

The Freethinkers refer to a decision of the Swiss Supreme Court from the year 1990. The high court ruled then that Crucifixes in public schools would breach religious neutrality.

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