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Sunday, October 28, 2012

News Reports -- The Pope Addresses the Bishops' Synod

Vatican.  Yesterday morning Pope Benedict XVI spoke in an extemporaneous speech before the Bishops' Synod. He informed them about two changes in the Curia.  Responsibility for the seminaries went from the Congregation of Education to the Congregation for Clergy.  The responsibility for Catechesis is to be undertaken by the newly created -- and till now unemployed -- Papal Counsel for the New Evangelization.  Finally the Pope justified the six new Cardinal which will take place in the Consistorium at the end of November.  It should complete the Consitorium of last February and show the universality of the Church.

A Good Shepherd Goes Home

Germany.  The chaplain in the seminary of the traditional Society of St. Peter in Wigratzbad, Father Pierre Gaudray (91) is dying.  The clergyman has been a priest for 64 years.  He always remained true to the Rite of his ordination.

Adultery as the Means for the New Evangelization?

Vatican.  On Friday the Bishops' Synod was presented a concluding document in the Vatican "Message to the People of God" with 58 proposals.  Therefore the Pope is going to deliver an unnecessary post-synodal document.  In the message the career Bishops -- even though the Synod had already discussed the New Evangelization -- also talk about adultery and fornication.  They tendentiously downplay bigamy  as "forms of family and cohabitation, which does not mirror every picture of unity and love of life which the Lord has given us."  It gives "pairs, who live without the bond of marriage."  It gives an increasing number of "disordered facial situations, which are built on the  failure of a previous marriage."

Right-wing Extremists Throw Molotov Cocktails at Home

Occupied Palestine. Recently, Right-wing extremist, Jewish settlers -- near an illegal Jewish settlment to the east of Ramallah -- attacked a house with several molotov cocktails.  This caused the burning of several homes.  The defense responded.

Old Liberal Word Games

"The progressives plead a hermeneutic of discontinuity and of break.  The Traditionalists plead a hermeneutic of pure continuity:  only that which is to be found in Tradition can be Catholic teaching, for which reason there can't be an actual renewal.  Both see the Council at the same time as a break, if only in another point of view.  This understanding is the Conciliar Hermeneutic of Break which the Holy Father has called into question and the stated 'Hermeneutic of Reform', the continuity and the renewal are bound up together."

The Old Liberal Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifial Council for Christian United, in an interview with the Roman news agency ''.

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