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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Public Outcry Against Demolition of Gallican Church in Paris

The Church's Treasures on the Sidewalk
Edit: A day after the Mass for the beheading of a Catholic priest, Catholics are being manhandled and rousted by Socialist police. Their church, Saint Rita is a church which practices the Gallican Rite in the 15th District of Paris and does not belong to the Paris Archdiocese. It's known as the Church of the Animals because of the blessings there every year on St. Francis' Feast.  It is to be demolished because its owner is unable to procure the three million euros.  In the meantime, protesters, including local political representatives, have occupied the church but were removed by force this Wednesday.  It's priest was dragged unceremoniously from the altar.   Marine Le Penn wonders on her twitter why they won't attempt to do this to a mosque.

From RT:

NT: Expulsion of the holy church Rita: Catholics continue to defend their church face the Socialist police!
Remember, this church was occupied for several months by Catholics to prevent its destruction which was to lead to the construction of a parking place ...

The Church was also in days past a Templar Chapel.