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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

200 Copies of Cardinals' Book in Defense of Orthodox Teaching Got Lost in the Mail Before Synod

Guest Post by Manfred Ferrari
There were five brave musketeers, all of the ecclesiastical rank of cardinal. Their great concern was that in the Synod of Bishops in 2014 things were being decided, and they themselves could not accountable to God for it, so they forged a bold plan.
They decided in haste to write a book in which they would lay down their (conservative) opinion. In der Wahrheit Christi bleiben“ [Remaining the Truth of Christ] Thus the book has been translated into several languages, as well as in German language, a seemingly impossible task, since the date of the synod was approaching. In Germany there was the Echter (Real) publishing house, which was up to the task. As the saying goes "Nomen est Omen" ... Those who today find the book in their publishing prospectus, which has so cleverly hidden the work of 5 cardinals that only historians seem to find it.
The five prelates, among whom Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation,  is recorded as an author, prepared themselves to send their books to the * 200 addressees in the Synod Hall *. Diligent priestly hands laced together the packages and handed them over to the foresight not of the Vatican post, but the Italian government post. A brave decision, but the latter is considered to be rather sluggish and unreliable (As an example: ... the writer received two weeks before had received a letter back that he had sent Cardinal Roger Etchegaray three months earlier, with the comment: unknown recipient). But the agile Cardinals did not calculate their bill with the host, ie with the Synod Secretary Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, who did not approve of the action of the illustrious Cardinals.
The 200 packs disappeared mysteriously, in any papal cellar archive or were perhaps even destroyed. Only two or three prelates found the book in their post. The enterprising Synod secretary was even compelled to complain to the governor of the Vatican, with the polite request to dismiss the director of the Vatican post ...
To make it clear once again it should be noted: This episode took place in the Vatican and not in the Kremlin. As I have told a friend who has traveled back in those days back to Africa this story, he smiled at me and said mildly, "Manfred why  are you angry. In South Sudan it's  not doing better ... "
Text: Manfred Ferrari
Image: Chiesa e postconcilio
Trans: Tancred
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