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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Minnesota Cathedral Church Prostituted in Sacrilege to Evil Corporation for a Lot of Money

Can. 1210 In a sacred place only those things are to be permitted which serve to exercise or promote worship, piety and religion. Anything out of harmony with the holiness of the place is forbidden. The Ordinary may however, for individual cases, permit other uses, provided they are not contrary to the sacred character of the place. 

Edit: we've been told this is the fourth year this event has been going.  It's strange no one's noticed and complained.  What's wrong with these people?  This event involves some serious defacement of the Cathedral portal, where an enormous ice ramp is constructed to serve as a conveyance for ice skaters to race down the lengthy track for competitive and amateur skaters alike.  If that doesn't make things bad enough, the event is  hosted by Red Bull, a company that sells a noxious, heavily caffeinated and probably toxic beverage that's now popular.  This all takes place during Lent, no less, and "they're blocking Pope Jorge's portal of mercy,"  one reader asks, "how are people supposed to get the indulgence?"

 This is what makes it hard to understand how a local ordinary with the Catholic faith would tolerate his cathedral being used to launch skaters down a ramp, but we're no stranger to that kind of dereliction of duty in Minnesota, either.  Well, if you can't produce saints, you can at least make a lot of money?

This Archdiocese also hosts events like this at the the Basilica of St. Mary's in Minneapolis, where degenerate music acts perform on the parish grounds, and abortion and sodomarriage supporting sponsors use the church to earn money. It may be an event that's fun for the family, but in addition to its sacrilegious nature, supports the destruction of family.  Did someone take the two minutes or so to do a web search and find out if there were any conflicts between Red Bull and the Catholic Church before signing on?

Naturally, Red Bull is an evil, Godless corporation that supports the immoral and unnatural depravity of aberromarriage.

There's even an idiotic Deacon participating.  Apparently, he has no idea what he's doing or has no idea in what religion he belongs, and another priest skates haplessly along. The photos are from the Catholic Spirit.  The Coadjutor Bishop looks on.  Apparently, he doesn't see a conflict of interest, either.
Deacon Michael Daly
Or this alter christus, here:

Father Paul Shovelin

From the website:

Saint Paul, Minnesota, has been a fixture on the calendar of the fastest sport on skates for the past five seasons, but in 2016 it will host the thrilling season finale for the first time.
The Minnesota event is contested on a track of around 1,600 feet in length with a drop of 12 stories in front of the Cathedral of Saint Paul. It draws in excess of 120,000 wild fans, so expect high stakes and big drama as the riders fight it out for the championship title.

Follow the top Red Bull Crashed Ice competitors as they prepare for the season finale in Saint Paul in the six-episode video series "4 Below Zero."

US fans can watch the Saint Paul event on FOX on Saturday, March 5 at 2:30 p.m. ET.