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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dutch Girl Succumbs to Grief and Kills Herself — Raped by Invaders?

Victim’s Parents

Edit: you’ve probabably already heard about the death of Noa Pothoven. The tragic case has exploded all over the Internet, but there’s damage control. Certainly, it’s bad enough that a perfectly intelligent, beautiful European child should kill herself by starvation but why isn’t there more outrage about the rapes and sexual assaults that had a hand in leading her to commit this terrible sin? All of the news reports avoid mentioning the identity of the men who raped her, but they do mention that the rapes happened in Elderveld.

The graph shows that more than  half of migration to the neighborhood is non-Western

Elderveld, a neighborhood in the town of Arnhem, Holland, suffers from substantial numbers of invading non-European foreigners from Islamic areas. As a result, it’s not surprising that sexual assaults there are already substantially above the national average at 2 per 1,000, which comes to 200 per 100,000. This is already substantially above the national average in Holland. [1]

The bottom figure is for sexual assaults per 1,000

It’s a lot easier to bear a wrong when you have an enemy you intend to defeat. Possible enemies include but are not restricted to Islam, Church leaders, media personalities, Greens, the Dutch Government...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catholic Girl Raped by Muslim Man in Pakistan

Criminals threaten family, who had made the complaint -- the rape of a Christian girl doesn't always count as a crime.

Faisalabad (, a 9 year old Catholic girl, was raped in the District of Tehsil Samundari  (Diocese of Faisalabad).  In connection with this occurrence the local church issued a report on the episode, which Fidesdienst published, that above all their concern in the view of the situation of  poor Christian families, who are often the victims of discrimination, violence and abuse.  "This episode is horrible.  I have spoken with the girl and the family and have tried to console them", said Bishop Joseph Coutts of Faisalabad in communication with Fidesdienst.  "We must develop a just and pastoral strategy, so that the phenomenon of abuse to Christian girls can be prevented".

The 9 year old Gulfam goes to the third grade.  She lives in village number 226 in the Administrative District Tehsil Samundari.  On the 10th of December she left with her 7 year old cousin, in order to go to a nearby sugar field to gather wood. Shortly after the younger girl returned home alone  and said that Gulfam had been taken by a man from the field.  Subsequently, the family present hurried to the field and found there the man who was in the process of assaulting the girl.  The perpetrator took flight and the mother of the girl brought the half-naked child back home.  A little later the parents reported the rape to the police.  The man was apprehended in the meantime, but the family is now in deep shock and fears violence from the majority Muslims in the village, because subsequently, they were threatened by the relatives of the perpetrator and were persuaded to withdraw the charge.  AS the girl reported the man had offered her money and when she refused his offer, was violently assaulted.

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