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Friday, March 25, 2016

Traditional Procession on Holy Thursday With Spanish Foreign LegionVeterans Happens Despite Mayor's Ban

The traditional procession of Christ of the Good Death becomes an act of religious freedom that attracts hundreds of people this year

A crowd has participated in the procession of Holy Thursday in Hospitalet in Barcelona, ​​which has turned this year into an act of religious freedom, due to the prohibition issued by the mayor Nuria Martin, the PSC.

Members of the brotherhood of Old Knights Legionaries have borne the image of Christ of the Good Death, following the custom to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, accompanied by a band of bugles and drums, in a delegation presided, as in previous years, by the pastor, Father Custodio Ballester.

The mayor had banned the procession because of the presence of legionaries in the procession. Their protests to the Archdiocese and the use of municipal plenary to proclaim that the procession is not welcome in the city have failed to deter many faithful who wanted to participate this year in the entourage of the procession.

The event also had a civic dimension, as an act in favor of religious freedom and expression. A banner of the platform for religious freedom joined the tour with the "Free to show our faith" slogan.

There is an active petition that has attracted more than 21,000 signatures to the mayor of Hospitalet, Nuria Martin, and Mayor of Palafolls, Valenti Agusti who has also taken prohibitionist measures acts to stop Holy Week and harass religious freedom. The petition is still active, and can be signed here (puede firmarse aquí).

Custodio Ballester the priest had announced that the procession would be held, despite the municipal ban. In this interview by Actuall, the priest of Hospitalet denounces the Mayor's attempt to silence the popular demonstration of faith.  [esta entrevista]

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adult Baptisms Grow 20% in France

French Catholics Demonstrate Against Gay Marriage on
April 6, 2013, Saturday
In France baptisms have grown in the last five years by 20 percent. There were about 5,000 adults baptized on Eastern Vigil in France.

This is from a press report of the French Bishops Conference on March, 25 2013.

The photo above was taken at a stations of the cross in France, protesting against gay marriage. This quote was from a commenter on the Facebook site of a defense of marriage site in France:

Peace will return to the world when the White Flower against sits on the throne of France…” 
 XII century, Prophesy of St. Hildegarde. 
 Note: In many professes, the Grand Monarch will be called “Flower of the Lilly” or “white flower”. The florentine lilly is a symbol of the monarchy of France.

Source, Katholisches….