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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Litigious Basilian Priest Seethes That Anyone Would Question Obama's Guests to Meet Pope

Edit, a litigious Basilian priest from Canada, Father Thomas Rosica, who is CEO of the organ of untruth, Salt and Light Network, has been given an important post managing the press presence of the Holy Father's visit to the USA.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Rosica bristled at the suggestion that the Vatican objected to the appearance of dissidents and promoters of gender ideology as it appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The Vatican Official and enabler of sexual deviancy, wanted to know who the representative  was, and that they, "should come forward and give their name" as the story appeared in the Examiner.

How dare they object to a disordered condition and override me!

Rosica was unaware and perhaps indifferent to whether or not there were Pro-Life representatives at the White House.  The murder of innocent unborn children was clearly not on his agenda.

H/T Barnum