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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ultra-Liberal Cardinal Ricard Rejects SSPX: What Will Pope Say?

Edit: A very Liberal French Cardinal Ricard is making irresponsible statements for the French Press about the incompatibility of the SSPX with Rome. Of course, he refers to the Society with a haughtiness which puts his objectivity and judiciousness in doubt. In any event, it was understood that the CDF had already rejected the SSPX response and forwarded it on to the Holy Father anyway, some people just can't help themselves. The last weeks have also seen Vaticanistas and others in the European press attempting to poison the well with respect to this decisions. Whatever Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard says, it's not his decision, it's the Holy Father's to make.

After reading Cardinal Ricard's remarks complaining that the Society doesn't accept "evolution", I have to ask which Council it is that he was discussing while on the panel with his Episcopal colleagues, +Müller, +Koch, +Kasper and +Schönborn. Vatican II said far less on evolution than it did on "respect for other denominations and religions". It brings to mind a familiar question, "Just which Vatican Council do you wish us to adhere, my Lord?"

We picked up the following from the blog Chiesa e post concilia via Messa in Latino, and this is a google x-late with some brushing up:

Cardinal Ricard confirms the disagreement of Rome with the "integristes".

The French Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, Friday, February 17, said: is there an "acknowledgment" of the disagreement between the Catholic Church and the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, because they insist on rejecting "big statements" of the council Vatican II. 

 "We are in a situation where there is an 'acknowledgment' of the disagreement, not only sull'interpetazione [ambiguous] passages of text on the council but the council itself and the Magisterium (....) Popes on a number of "large claims Council": This was the opinion expressed by the Bishop of Bordeaux, present in Rome for the Consistory in which they will have created 22 new Cardinals. In September, the Holy See had made ​​a gesture to the Priestly Fraternity, separated from Rome since 1988. The proposed acceptance as part of a "preamble" of "principles" ahead of his return into communion with the Catholic Church. But since then, the Fraternity founded by Mons. Marcel Lefebvre did not accept the offer, by providing many documents in the Vatican last January, while his superior, Mgr. Bernard Fellay, and other officials publicly expressed their strong dissatisfaction. [Actually, it was quite mild and docile, certainly not like many French Bishops who steadfastly refuse to obey the Holy Father in their own right.]

 Bishop Fellay, after February, had insisted that a reintegration might take effect only if their resolute rejection of the Council had been accepted by Rome. The Second Vatican Council has recognized religious freedom, respect for other Christian denominations and other religions, and evolution which is catastrophic in the eyes of Lefebvrians. This waste "is not acceptable," he insisitito Mgr. Ricard, who attended the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, in charge of examining the integralist dossier.  "THE POPE AND 'COME TO THE FULLEST" "The Pope has attempted at the most, has done much to get closer, to accept a number of preconditions . But now is the time when he can not refuse to accept, that not just the Council but which becomes apparent rejection of the teaching of successive popes from John XXIII to Benedict XVI, the Catechism of the Church and the Code of Canon Law . Because this code and this Catechism "is the implementation of the right teaching and catechesis of the Council," he said, "Rome will say to them, the door remains open, but this time it is you need to take a step forward and riprendiate contacts," said the French cardinal.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thorn of Christ's Crown Given to Orthodox in France

Editor: earlier this month, it was reported that the lance that pierced Christ's side was found.  Now, we find his crown, a thorn with a precious reliquary, being part of an ecumenical gesture in France.

The Society  of the Helpers of the Holy Souls consigned the Seminary of the Russian Orthodox Diocese for France a priceless reliquary which contained the thorn from the crown of Jesus.

Paris - Vienna ( Cardinal Franz König's traces arrive now in France as the gesture of an ecumenical friendship between the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church:  The Society of helpers [A Religious Society founded in 1856 in France] consigned the Russian Orthodox Seminar for the Diocese of France Epinay-sous-Senart a priceless reliquary,  which according to Tradition contained a thorn from the crown of Jesus.  The massive silver reliquary holds a quartz crystal with the thorn.  During the French Revolution the reliquary was sent next to Prague and later to Vienna.  Cardinal Franz König gave the reliquary in 1960 to the Society of the Helpers.

The consignment to the Russian Orthodox Seminary took place as part of a liturgy celebrating a feast.  At the end of the liturgy Sr. Genevieve Medevielle, the Household General of the French Province of the Helpers gave the priceless reliquary to Bishop Nestor of Cherson (the Diocese of the Moscow Patriarchat for France which doesn't carry this name officially any more fro the old early Russian Eparchie).  The Parisian Auxiliary Bishoperic de Moulins-Beaufort was present at the gift of the reliquary.

Monday, February 15, 2010

French Traditionalist Catholics Deal with "Kiss-in" at Notre Dame in Paris

French homosexuals planned a "kiss-in" on the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and this is what happened to them.

The police asked the homosexual demonstrators to kiss someplace else, considering the large and menacing crowds opposed to them, but some insisted on carrying through with their plan. This provocation was dealt with accordingly and a few of the Catholic youth went to jail but were released by evening.