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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liturgical Abuses Encouraged by John Paul II says Former Master of Ceremonies

He Encouraged it Himself

The beatified John Paul II could be named as the patron Saint of liturgical abuses.

(, Vatikan) The beatified John Paul II († 2005) had expressly desired the abuses which were celebrated before him in Pontifical Offices.

This is what the organizer of the abuses and many years Master of Ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini (69) wrote in his new book, "IO sono un Papa amabile. Gioanni Paolo II" -- "I am a loveable Pope. John Paul II."

Paolo Rodari reported this on May 7. on his [often excellent] website 'Palazzo Apostolico'

For every trip an actual theater Mass

Rodari reminds of the neo-Conservative theory, where the then Master of Ceremonies, Marini, is supposed to have incited a "spectacle coterminous with the Papal Liturgies" against the will of Pope John Paul II.

This justification is energetically contradicted by Archbishop Marini in his book.

The Conciliar Blessed had encouraged him to insert more cultic heather practices in the Papal Masses -- wrote Msgr Marini.

John Paul II wanted to break through the "rigor" of Papal Masses.

Archbishop Marinini reports that John Paul II wanted a "new Liturgy for every trip".

The Conciliar Blessed is said to have turned to Msgr Marini saying with praise: "beautiful, beautiful."

The Cardinal Found the Legs for Angelic Dancing

Archibishop Marini mentions even a risque moment, which had occurred at a Papal Mass in 1991.

At that time the Archbishop wanted a dance with the Archbishop of San Luis Maranao in North Eastern Brazil, Msgr Paulo Eduardo Andrade Ponte († 2009) during a Papal Mass.

At the announcement of the Gospel two dancers stepped forth, whose robes were blown high by a sudden wind.

After the Mass the Cardinals discussed in the Sacristy if this spectacle was actually necessary.

On that the then president of the Brazilian Bishops Conference, Msgr Luciano Mendez de Almeida († 2006) had answered that he had seen "the angel of the Resurrection" in the two dancers -- so says Msgr Marini.

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