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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Is he Aware of the Damage He Causes?" -- Michael Novak and the Interview of Pope Francis

(Washington / Rome) The American Catholic philosopher Michael Novak commented on the Civiltà-Cattolica interview with Pope Francis': "A friend asked me if the Pope is aware of the damage, which he causes with these comments. The word obsession [Ossessione] applied to those working for the defense of life, especially for the unborn child, is something that hurt."

"In the more than 20 years, we have known him, it's never happened before that Michael Novak, perhaps the most famous Catholic philosopher in the U.S., who was closely connected to John Paul II and Benedict XVI., has uttered critical words about a Pope," said Vatican insider , which published the following interview with Michael Novak.

What do you think about the interview, which Pope Francis granted to Civiltà Cattolica granted?

I have seen two types of reactions: those of my friend, which I have described, and those of George Weigel, according to which we must get used to the behavior of an evangelical pope, who turns to us not as an academic, but as a preacher. Weigel is right, but to use words like "obsession" injured believers who have even risked their own lives to protect life."

Francis wants to change the tone or the doctrine of the Church?

The sound. There is still a risk that the result is detrimental.


He added that many Christians are on the defensive, although they are under attack. He also encouraged the criticism against the Church by the declared opponents of the Church who've been waiting for it.

What are you referring to?

His words put him in a position to be exploited by those who want to harm the Church. It is enough to look at how the New York Times has used them.

There is the risk that a part of the American believers leave the church?

I do not think so. Perhaps the most unstable extremists, but it will be a limited phenomenon. The Left, however, is encouraged to push for changes in doctrine.

Is not there also the reverse possibility, that that an "Evangelical Pope" will reconnect the faithful?

Christ also had contradictory elements, perhaps it is not possible without it. Maybe it is good that this Pope, by leading the Church to the roots of her mission, urges us to think.

Text: Vatican insider / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider
Trans: Tancred