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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Homophiles from Patheos Attack Austen Ruse: See Their Unholy Rage!

Edit: here's an essay by one of the more well-thought of Catholic writers in the blogosphere.  It's notable that he's been attacked by the usual suspects at Patheos.  The referenced essay which appeared in Crisis Magazine, offering well-aimed shots at a group of laicists all-too-outspoken  these days, the "new homophiles".
There is a group of Catholics who experience same-sex attraction. They accept the teachings of the Church on sexual morality. They do not act on their same-sex desires. They are chaste. They live lives of prayer, brotherhood and friendship, along with a sexual chastity that is proper to their station in life. 
You might think that I would loathe these people, hate them, despise them, and want to drive them from the Church. You might think that their desires alone are enough for me to want them to simply disappear from the Church and from society  
You might think this if you read Damon Linker on my recent column about the New Homophiles. You might think so if you read the comments of blogger Mark Shea, who said my column was “appalling” and much worse. You might think so if you read the comments by Maggie Gallagher who said my column was “vile.”
Some other prominent supporters of Neocatholic bloggers have even announced their disapproval on Facebook.

Their rage on behalf of the "love that dare not speak its name", may has also brought denunciations like the following.

Perhaps things are looking up?  We've often said that people in the Neocatholic blogosophere are some of our best allies if we only give them a chance to hang themselves.

Also, check out Heresy Hunter's jab at them.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Phillipine Bishop Disparages World Youth Day

Taken from Tradition in Action's coverage of WYD:
Instead, at the Taking of Christ from the Cross, the youth were told that Christ shares the fate of the victims of AIDS who need sympathy and help. Not a single word of censure of homosexuality, the main cause of AIDS. Not a mention that AIDS is a punishment for this sin that cries to Heaven for God’s vengeance.
Edit:  You know what to expect when WYD comes around and you flip over to the Darth Vader of the Internet, Tradition in Action.  Tradition in Action is the Frank Burns of Catholicism, isn't it?  They're like the self-righteous guy who needs to be taught a lesson in fun before the end of a movie, like Captain von Trapp, the Mayor of the town in the Gnostic faux-arte film Chocolat or the Principal in Ferris Buller's Day Off.

Unsympathetic Comic Authority Figure

What happens, on the other hand, when the authority figure is a Bishop? 

MANILA, Philippines—The World Youth Day pilgrimage should not be turned into a graduation tour   [Spring Break, we think] and shopping spree, a Catholic bishop is advising future participants.
Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon said that while many delegates to the recent 26th WYD in Madrid participated in the event’s religious exercises, others spent their time sightseeing and shopping in the Spanish capital.

He urged future participants to focus more on their spiritual needs—a seemingly apt advice as the next WYD will be held in that hedonists’ paradise, Brazil.

“In general, a good number of our delegates have participated in the WYD wholeheartedly and endured the hectic schedule of the pilgrimage. But admittedly, there are some who chose to be comfortable rather than to sacrifice,” Baylon told CBCPNews, the news agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Hollywood pederast photo courtesy, here...