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Monday, November 2, 2020

Synagogue in Vienna Under Fire by Mohammedans

Edit: how’s gun control working for you?

Footage of fighting between police and Mohamedan invaders.

Two Catholic churches were attacked by Gray Wolves and a 76 year old nun was attacked in Graz.  There are Seven dead including one policeman. 

Update 11/2 14:15 : sounds like this is getting buried. 

[Salzburg News] Several shots are said to have been fired at Schwedenplatz in Vienna, and the police are on site with a large contingent.  According to initial information, the incident took place near a synagogue in the first district.

 Shooting in Vienna city center: Large-scale operation of the police (symbol picture) SN / APA

 Shooting in downtown Vienna: large-scale police operation

 The situation is confusing.  Several shots were fired in downtown Vienna on Monday evening.  There were several injuries, reported the Austrian news agency APA.  Possibly it was an attack on a synagogue in Seitenstettengasse, which is near the crime scene.  The Vienna police reported on Twitter about a major police operation in the city center.  The exact circumstances were initially not known.  Numerous witnesses speak of a large number of police and rescue workers.  There was also talk of a dead person, which has not yet been officially confirmed.