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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

People Don't Want "Gay Marriage" --- Referendum in Croatia

(Agram) Next Sunday a referendum will take place in Croatia for a referendum "gay marriage", which makes for intense discussions. The polls predict a victory for the defense of marriage and family and opponents of "gay marriage" ahead of the flock is especially to the Catholic Church.

The referendum aims to preemptively commit a ban in the Constitution to the legalization of "gay marriage". The pollsters assume a clear lead of those who are for this constitutional amendment.

According to a post yesterday in the Croatian daily newspaper poll, there is a large majority of 68 percent, who are going to vote on Sunday for the constitutional amendment that is to formalize the marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman in the Croatian Constitution.

Only 27 percent of Croats are speaking out against the referendum. Five percent are undecided. The referendum was initiated by a group of organizations that are close to the Catholic Church. In May, the group collected more than 750,000 signatures and thus crossed the hurdle to initiate the first referendum in the history of Croatia. This initiative was supported already in the collection of signatures of nearly 20 percent of the total electorate.

As the speaker of the ballot initiative declared, it is the goal of the organizer to prevent that "one day there will be legalized gay marriage in Croatia". The group was driven mainly by events in France, where a socialist majority in parliament, without consulting the citizens and despite strong protests from the citizenry, introduced "gay marriage".

The Catholic Church in Croatia has called for a "Yes" vote, but also across the lines of religious minorities, such as the Orthodox Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims. The bourgeois and right-wing parties have also called for a "Yes". The Socialist government and the Left parties, a significant part of the media, the universities and the cultural elite reject the initiative and really want to introduce the "gay marriage".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Wikicommons

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hungarian Constitution Invokes St. Stephen, Abolishes Abortion

Editor: Of course the EU will want to look into this, ehem. Forget about sovereignty. With a special h/t to Alaric who also posted this on FE.

In Hungary the powers of progress have had the political upper hand. They used the opportunity of the hour to renew the land. By Lajos Weberstein
The Crown of St. Stephen

( The decadent EU does everything to destroy Marriage and Europe and capitulate to the stone age.

Actually, it's not everywhere that Europe is being laid flat by progress.

So the Hungarian Parliament has ratified this Tuesday a new Constitution.

The Constitution was adopted by a two-thirds majority of the national government party 'Fidesz'.

'Fidesz' are the representatives of the anti-Democratic, old and ex-communist Hungary -- and their accomplices in decadent Europe -- they are a thorn in their sides.

It is also the case that this party took part in the fall of the Communist Dictatorship.

After the introduction of the new constitution, the stone age opposition of the Left seethed.

Because the text is such a clear rejection of political masochism, it begins with the words:

God, Save Hungary

National Commitment

We, the members of the Hungary Nation, assert our responsibility to say the following for all Hungary at the beginning of the millennium:

We are proud of the fact that our King Stephen, the Saintly Patron of the Hungarian State for a thousand years had built a secure foundation and placed our Fatherland in the line of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our forebears, who persisted for that, who have fought for the freedom and independence of our Land.

We are proud of the great spiritual accomplishments of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that our people had defended Europe for a thousand years and whose common values were enriched by their talents and enriched its industry.

We recognize the role of Christianity in the persistence of the Nation.

The Constitution protects the institution of marriage as a life in common between a man and a woman as well as the family as the foundation of the nations progress.

The constitution promotes the decision for to have a child.

The defense of the family was the ruling concerning the main focus of the law.

The anti-child opponents wanted to put forward their opposition to unlimited respect for human life.

Actually the new Constitution said:

"The value of human life is unfathomable. Every person has the right to life and human value; the life of the foetus is protected from conception to birth."

The new Hungarian constitution contains also a debt limit, unlike any other European constitution has.

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