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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liberal Pax Christi Bishop Spreads Speculation Pope is to Resign

Edit:  the way we figure it, things are pretty good when such open 68ers spread rumors like this.  When's Pax Christi going to be formally condemned.  Isn't that an upcoming event?

A north Italian Bishop had suggested the possibility of retirement for Benedict XVI.

Vatican City ( Vatican speaker Federico Lombardi has rejected speculations about the possibility of abdication for Pope Benedict XVI. At present the theme is not pressing, explained Lombardi on Tuesday. The north Italian Bishop Luigi Bettazzi (88), who was superior of Ivrea till 1999 and the long time President of the Catholic Peace Organization Pax Christi, had discussed the possibility of Pope Benedict's resignation in an interview.

As to a recent murder plot against the Pope Bettazzi had said: "I just can't imagine that", Benedict XVI. is a pure and spiritual man. He could imagine a resignation, however.

Lombardi then recalled that the Pope himself in his interview ook with publicist Peter Seewald had discussed this theme. There Benedict XVI. explained: "When the Pope comes to the awareness that he psychically, physically and spiritually can not manage his office any longer, then he has the right, indeed is understood to be duty bound to step down," In any case the Pope may not, in cases of difficulties or dangers "run from them", rather he must be firm in the face of difficult situations.

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