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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lenin's monument presented to Ukrainian Greek-Catholics

Novosibirsk, September 1, Interfax - Uzhgorod City Council conveyed a monument to the October Revolution leader to a Greek-Catholic parish free of charge.

It will be recast and turned into a monument to Greek-Catholic bishop of the 18th century Andrey Bachinsky, who transferred diocesan residence and seminary to Uzhgorod and set up a big library there. His monument will be installed at Uzhgorod Cathedral Square, the Sibirskaya Katolicheskaya Gazeta (Siberian Catholic Paper) reported.

Earlier, the same incident took place in the town of Sambor, the Lvov Region. Statue of Mother Ukraine was made of Lenin's bronze figure. The new monument was set on the same base at the town ...

Link to original...Interfax