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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pastor of Kopfing in Linz, May Stay!

Edit: if you've been following this, you might be surprised. They don't have anything on this priest and from what says, other Bishops, perhaps even the Holy Father himself, have stepped in to challenge this decision.

This has to be the first time in the post-Conciliar period, that a Bishop has decided to reverse a decision to dismiss a faithful priest.

Bishop Schwarz is taking back the dismissal of the Linz Pastor, Father Andrej Skoblici.

Linz ( Andrej Skoblicki is going to remain the Pastor in Kopfing, located in the province of Upper Austria.  The Diocese of Linz just published this information.

Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has published the following message:

The decision, made public on the 18th of September 2011, that Pastoral Administrator, Father Andrej Skoblicki, would be relieved of his duties in the Parish of Kopfing where he was assigned, has produced a very unusual reaction among the people of the Parish.

The most important reason for my decision, namely that there was a significant concern for the future of the Parish Community of Kopfing and that it endangered its unity, was not understood by many of the Faithful. Although I previously had discussions with participants of the various positions as well as the Parish Administrator himself, I have found a certain misunderstanding for my intention, and this showed itself also in the past days by the deep sadness of many in the Church and those tied to the Parish Administrator throughout the world. The original intention, which concerned the responsibility for leadership of the Parish of Kopfing to bring about peace, was not fulfilled the despite many a call for peaceful coexistence.

A further consideration for the planned and hasty decision depended in the interim on another priest. Unfortunately the candidate, who had originally accepted the task to mediate and reconcile the conflict, had recently withdrawn, for reasons that he chose to accept another situation. I have therefore found, that the foreseen dismissal of Father Andrzej Skoblicki for the 6th of October 2011, is withdrawn.

The Parish Administrator has assured me, that in the coming time he wishes renew his work to assure the good will of all of the people concerned. May the Faithful in Kopfing grow in insight and preparation for the future, also to take the good of others seriously, to bear with one another in patience and through steps of reconciliation as well as mutual esteem, give a witness of the call to be Christian.

Dr. Ludwig Schwarz SDB
Bishop of Linz

As KATH.NET has learned, there was a demonstration planned this weekend in front of the Diocesan Chancery. Now Pastor Skoblicki may remain the Pastor of Kopfing. As KATH.NET also learned there had been discussions on the Episcopal level in the back ground, that the planned ouster of Skoblicki by Schwarz was looked upon with open criticized by other Bishops. At last, Andreas Laun, the Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, had addressed the decision and spoke of an "inner-Church persecution of Christians". [It was a clearly self-destructive decision]

Pastor Andreas Skoblicki himself has shown himself to be happy over this decision along with KATH.NET. "This is naturally a new chance for the Parish of Kopfing, because the whole world is looking at us. I hope, that all the Faithful see this as a new chance." Skoblicki also hopes that all people, who call themselves Christians, will now show what it means to be Christian. "Jesus tells us: Love your enemies. All are waiting on and looking at us, and how we will respond. I would like all to say to all the people again, that a good new beginning is possible. We must forgive one another. This is our only chance. The Lord can heal the Parish in this manner."

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