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Friday, March 12, 2010

He Introduced the Index of Forbidden Books

Paul VI in a conciliar delirium: The United Nations is the great school, where humanity is brought to peace.

-Fr. Luigi Villa

( On 20th March Paul VI received the Administrative Council of the 'Rotary Club'.

In a talk he explained, that the organisational form of this para-masonic organization and their methods were good, and the goals, the Pope maintained, were good.

On 4 October 1965 he spoke to the UN - General Assembly in New York and declared: "Gentlemen, you have achieved a great work. You teach men peace. The UN is the great school, where one receives this education."

Paul VI. even visited the abstract meditation room of the United Nations, which is consecrated (geweiht) to God, who men honor under many different names and forms .

The Old Was Disposed of

On 23 March 1963 Paul VI let the lay-Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey (+1988) bless a wall of Cardinals, Bishops and faithful.

On 14 June 1966, he abolished the Index Liborum with the notification "Post Litteras apostolicas".

Simultaneously, a de facto Index was reestablished according to liberalistic theology.

Primarily, the Roman Missal and the works of right believing Catholic Theologians landed on the list.

On 3 April 1969, Paul VI replaced the ancient Roman Missal with the constitution "Missale Romanum" and later with the constitution "Novus Ordo Missae", above all this was done, in order to please the protestants.

With the Motu Propio "Matrimonia mixta" he forged the solemn vow between non-Catholic marriage partners to inform their children of the Catholic Faith.

On 22 November 1970 he avoided Ingravascetem aetatem by the Motu Propio, "over eighty-year old Cardinals, participating in the conclave."

Later bishops upon reaching the age of 75 were forced to retire.

Thus the old bishops should be removed, who might obstruct the development of the Conciliar Church.

A Suction Tube?

With the instruction "Fidei custos", Paul VI permitted laymen to give Holy Communion with the unspecified pretext, "special circumstances and new necessities".

With the instruction "Memoriale Domini" he permitted the Episcopal Conferences of those countries to allow Communion in the hand with their permission, despite this being done already, illegally.

Still, briefly before, the Pope himself had condemned the practice because of the, "danger of profaning the Holy Eucharist," and for the reason of "pious respect for believers towards the Eucharist."

Paul VI signed also an Edict, which maintained, that under both forms, the Precious Blood could be consumed through a straw.

When he died, there were no Christian symbols to be seen on his coffin.

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