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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Italian Historian Says Homosexuality Destroyed Rome

Editor: They've done quite a job on the Catholic Church already.

Does anyone remember when Richard Nixon discussed one of the redeeming features of the Soviet Union as being its antipathy of homosexuals when he was talking in his office about Archie Bunker, said exactly the same thing? [Warning, fowl language, blasphemy]  At first he starts demurring, saying he has no moral objections to homosexuality, then goes on to say that the immorality actually destroys societies.  It's also interesting that Nixon's off-color comments are made much of when figures like Gandhi and Voltaire get away with it.  Of course, apologists for Richard Nixon won't defend what Nixon was saying, they'll just argue that times, and morals, have changed, and if you know anything about principles, it's an indefensible position to take, but anyway.

Of  course, never mind Richard Nixon, despite the fact that he's correct.  Let another voice speak by way of a message from Bminormass on '", who said in his book, "Life is Worth Living" on P. 260, where he quotes the sociologist, Dr. Sorokin, who said:

''Those families among us who frequently change husbands and wives, who fail in their duties to their children and adopt the moral code of the gutter, are pushing us along the road to chaos. Greece, in the 3rd and the 2nd centuries before Christ, brought sex into the open. We know because there were men in those days too, who prided themselves on their objectivity as they calmly recorded the destressing picture of whole families getting together to indulge in promiscuous behaviour.  Adultery and prostitution were so common that those who indulged were regarded merely as interesting fellows.
But, such a society was not able to summon the backbone to resist in the face of war , or to endure the austerity programme that might have salvaged that overblown economy.  Soon, the glory that was Greece was over and the mighty  Acropolis was only a hillside strewn with ruined marble.'' 

 Roberto de Mathei  is a Traditionalist Catholic and was in the news earlier this week when he was critical of the current Pope and Vatican II as reported by Sandro Magister.  He has also blamed the disasters besetting Japan on the wrath of God.

More recently, the Vice President of Italy's National Research Council, has angered many Italians for comments they consider to be insensitive, namely, blaming Rome's fall on the collapse of its morals and infestation by homosexuality.  According to the article by the Telegraph, more than 7,000 people have signed a petition asking for his resignation. 

Various Catholophobic voices spread their hate filled opinions for all who would listen.
"His homophobic and extreme views are offensive to the organisation he leads," said Massimo Donadi, a senior member of an opposition party, Italy of Values, adding that he would refer the affair to parliament.

Anna Paola Concia, an MP from the main opposition Democratic Party, said: "A fanatic such as him cannot remain vice-president of the council in a country that has at its heart culture, human rights and respect for diversity. He is nothing other than a homophobic fundamentalist on a par with Iran's president, Ahmadinejad." Prof De Mattei, who was awarded an order of knighthood by the Vatican in recognition for his service to the Catholic Church, has previously caused controversy by speaking out about gay rights, the contraceptive pill and the alleged persecution of Christians by Muslims in Kosovo and Lebanon.

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Modified, 4/10/2011 to include quote from Bishop Sheen