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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bishop Peric Regrets Cardinal Schönborn's Visit

Unfortunately, despite the praise or begrudging admission that there are good "fruits" with Medjugorje, there is actually a pre-existing shrine to which these mysteries of repentance and "good" fruits are attributable, but that's not discussed here. What is clear is that the Cardinal is not exactly a welcome visitor in town.

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The bishop of the local Mostar-Duvno diocese has issued a statement expressing concern about statements issued by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn during a visit to Medjugorje last week and emphasizing that the cardinal’s visit “does not imply any recognition of the authenticity of the ‘apparitions’ related to Medjugorje.”

Bishop Ratko Peric-- who has repeatedly warned against the dangers of “the Medjugorje phenomenon” and strongly discouraged confidence in the alleged apparitions—complained that the visit by Cardinal Schönborn had caused new pastoral problems for his diocese. Citing a list of conflicts and irregularities arising from the activities of the alleged seers and their supporters, Bishop Peric voiced “regret” that the Austrian cardinal’s appearance had lent new credibility to their claims.

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Bishop Peric might be painfully aware of this series of scandalous events as well. He might as well be having a secular film personality to comment on Medjugorje in his Diocese.