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Friday, August 19, 2011

Will There be Justice For Cardinal Innitzer?

Time Magazine's Cover For Man of the Year 1938

[Kreuznet, Austria]. The Archdiocese of Vienna is working together with a Holocaust Museum in Washington, in order to accuse Austrian Church History. This was reported yesterday by the the news agency 'kathpress'. It concerns data being researched about the Viennese Cardinal Theodor Innitzer († 1955). The Prince of the Church supported the Anschluss of Austria to the German Reich. At that time he signed a declaration with "Heil Hitler" Actually, from October 1938 – during the time when Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler († 1945) was an internationally celebrated political figure – the Prince of the Church turned against the Nazi political movement. He preached in Vienna's Stephansdom: „Unser Führer ist Jesus Christus“[Our Führer is Jesus Christ]. Today's leadership in the Archdiocese of Vienna on the other hand, has collaborated for years with the Abortion-State.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Otto von Habsburg Was Hitler's Enemy Number One: Sent Him to Death Camp

Prague ( Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg valued the late Otto Habsburg as "an important Europe-oriented and interesting person". It should not be forgotten, "that he knew from the beginning, what Hitler really was", said Scharzenberg in an interview.

Already as a young man, the Habsburg aligned himself against the NS Dictator.  That the military occupation of Austria was launched under the cover name of "Operation Otto", indicates that "the Nazis knew that he was their primary foe."

Even the service of the deceased to a more closely integrated Europe is unforgettable, said the Chief of Czech Diplomacy. Habsburg had "fought most courageously for all our Nations and peoples, who were in his time imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain."

Even people like Jiri Pelikan, who sat in the European Parliament for the Italian Socialist Party, had spoken of Otto as a man, "who knew his stuff and worked with complete competence".

Schwarzenberg recalled also that this would be one of the last people who had a constitutional function "in the old Monarchy": "We must not forget that he was the Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia."

The deceased had a "colossal joy", as he received an honorary citizenship of the City of Brandys nad Labem. The Castle of Brandeis on the Elbe is "the most favorite rest stop for his beloved father", he wanted to acquire it in order to make it the family home.

Brandys nad Labem is today a center for the honor of the Beautified Emperor Karl in the Czech Republic and forms with the Pilgrimage site Stara Boleslav, the place of the Martyrdom of St. Wenzel, a twin city. Pope Benedict XVI. visited Stara Boleslav in 2009 and celebrated an open air Mass in a meadow near Castle Brandeis.

The news "Lidove noviny" concluded the interview with Foreign Minister Schwarzberg, that had Otto von Habsburg gained the throne, then he would have been a Bohemian King with the longest reign. As a long serving member of the European Parliament he had aimed toward the integration of the post-Communist nations in the European and Atlantic structures.

Special mention is also to be made of his efforts to support the Czech side with the displaced South Germans [Suddeten] and for the annulment of the Benes Decree. In this connection he "did not rarely criticize the politicians of the Czech Republic, who considered his activities to be conflicting."

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Not sure what Amemus Amnesium is going on about at AQ, but he seems to be disagreeing with the Foreign Minister's contention about Otto Habsburg being Hitler's most significant and dangerous foe. Sometimes it's hard to decipher what this poster is talking about because he doesn't always address himself to the question, and is often more interested in his own nationalist concerns, like raising awareness about how the Sudetenland Germans were treated. Apparently, he's still upset over how Otto Habsburg favored the Czech government over the claims of the Suddeten Germans, than he is about the actual article.

So, Otto Habsburg was sent to Dachau, that's interesting. Didn't know that:

Bad translation.

1. Otto von Habsburg supported the annulment of the illegitimate and genocidal Benes decrees (plural form) which from 1945 until today declare as lawless the ethnic Germans (or Sudeten Germans, not 'south Germans') of Bohemia, Moravia and formerly Austrian (southern) Silesia.

2. I am surprised Karl Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, now a Czech minister of Foreign Affairs, would mention this. It seems the Czech people and Czech politicians with their anti-German popular agitation against the Sudeten German victims are now slowly changing their minds.

3. Otto von Habsburg was not a primary target of the Nazis, although he was one of the targets. So was Kurt von Schussnig. And he also survived the war in a privileged [so you say]concentration camp of Dachau.

Friday, December 24, 2010

"God Protect Austria" -- New Book About Pius XII Confirms Rejection of Hitler's Ideology

(Vatikan/Vienna)  A new book about Pope Pius XII affords a further confirmation that future Pope Pius XII would stand against National Socialism and Adolf Hitler. "It betrays the clarity with which Pius XI and his State Secretary and future successor, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, rebutted the attempt, and the danger to underestimate, that was assessed to the German Reich's desire to seize nearby Austria."   With a discussion of the new book, "God protect Austria!"  by Paolo Valvo Osservatore Romano attempts to explain the relationship of Pius XII to National Socialism.

Valvo presents new material from the Vatican Archive.  "The freeing up of Vatican Sources to the end of the Pontificate of Pius XI. in 2006, allowed for a new appreciation and a deeper understanding about the events then, above all for the time at the end of the First World War till the dawn of the Second,"  says Msgr Antonio Filipazzi in his review.  Naturally, said Msgr Filipazzi, it will not fail those who, because of their  opinions and deep prejudices or look for "verification of their preconceived notions" and choose to "ignore" the plentiful documentation, which don't correspond to their prejudices.  Athough they are not found, they don't correct their opion, rather they they are determined to promote archive openings.

The situation which Valvo substantiates, establishes on the contrary, that Pius XI and the future Pius XII., "show they held the possible collaboration between the Hitler Movement and the Catholic  Church as a complete impossibility , and not even in an anti-Bolshevist function,"  says Filipazzi.

The Italian ambassador to the Holy See, Bonfiacio Pignatti, attempted to advise the past Cardinal Secretary "despite his famous, insurmountable opposition against everything that savored of Nazism, that it would is beneficial to Austria, to improve its relationship to the Reich".  For it was from this demonstrable opposition against National Socialism which dictated the complete policy of Cardinal Pacelli's during his years in Austria and left him, to be described according to the accommodating disposition of some of the Austrian Bishops toward Hitler as "the most shameful chapter in Church History."

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