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Monday, January 10, 2011

Police Pay: Anti-Homosexual Opinion was Legally Allowed

Great Britain:  The representation of Biblical teachings on homosexuality as a sin are not grounds for arrest -- British police to pay 10,000 pounds in damages.

London []  The Baptist street preacher Dale McAlpine from Workington in Northwest England has received 10,000 pounds for his imprisonment by the police after his public declarations of the biblical teachings on homosexuality.  This was according to Church News Notes this Friday.

McAlpine had explain that the Bible counts homosexuality as a sin to a passerby who asked him the question during his Evangelical demonstration, according to previously.  A police official then arrested the preaching on the grounds of racially motivated offense, therefore an offense against the Public Order Act .(.
corresponds to the German anti-Discrimination Law)

McAlpine proceeded legally against the police and received support for that from other christians, who fear the restriction of freedom of expression.  It did not go to trial.  The police authorities conceded that the arrest and seven hour incarceration of the preacher was a violation of the preacher's human rights and agreed to pay the 10,000 pounds in damages.

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