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Monday, May 20, 2013

Counter Demonstration Against Gomorrist Propaganda -- Obama's New Cultural Imperialism

Edit: If you're an American citizen, Obama is using your tax dollars to fund immorality in other countries on an anti-Crusade for the dictatorship of relativism.
(Tbilisi) U.S. President Barack Obama is running a new form of cultural imperialism. He announced that the U.S. Foreign Policy promotes gay rights around the world and to measure the implementation of human rights in the individual countries whether the "rights" for homosexuals can be guaranteed. What is meant by these "rights" corresponds one to one to the LGBT list of demands, most notably the introduction of the "gay marriage" and adoption in the law.  A similar statement was issued to all the diplomatic missions of the United States. However, not all countries share the opinion of the current U.S. government.
This also applies to Georgia. Thousands of Orthodox priests protested in the Georgian capital against a rally of homosexuals who were demanding these "rights". The priests carried banners reading "No to Spiritual Genocide" and "No to Homosexuality." The  counter demonstration had occurred after the government did not ban the Gomorrah rally, as  was requested by the Georgian Orthodox Church.
The priests were accompanied by many laymen. Young men threw eggs and stones at the gay demonstrators. The police invited them on yellow minibuses to bring them to safety. The minibuses were also attacked by counter-demonstrators. Three policemen and nine aberro-protesters had to get medical treatment.
Georgia's new prime minister Bidsina Ivanishvili condemned the violence in a statement to the press on Friday evening. On Wednesday, Ilia II, the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church had compared Gomorrists with drug addicts. Public demonstrations of homosexuals he described as a "violation of the rights of God and of the majority" of the Georgians.
"We will protect our orthodoxy and not allow that someone wipe his shoes on our faith,"  said one Orthodox participant in the counter demonstration to the New York Times.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: BBC screenshot

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