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Saturday, June 22, 2019

"Exorcist Course is Laughing Stock of Rome -- Only the Pope Takes This Stuff Seriously"

There is a "bad spirit" about Rome, according to Australian priest Father John Corrigan.
(Rome) Every year a course for the training of exorcists takes place in Rome. It is relatively strongly emphasized, unlike other events in the media. The 2019 XIV. Course was held from the 6th to11th of May.
An Australian priest John Corrigan reported on his blog on May 25 on the course in which he participated.
Exorcist Course 2019
First, Father Corrigan anticipated that the conference itself was "excellent," but that he felt a "hatred" for Rome. He loves the history, the wonderful churches and also the food. At the same time, however, he perceives a depressing spirit that lies above Rome, which was also noticeable in his most recent stay in "two unfortunate incidents".
The first "incident" reported by Father Corrigan is to be reproduced here:
"Item 1: A cardinal was invited to speak at our conference. For 15 minutes, he spoke about the reality of the devil, and the gravity of spiritual warfare, and the importance of prayer and fasting. The content, in fact, was quite good. The speaker however . . . This cardinal is notorious for his sordid double life. It’s alleged that Vatican Police once caught him at a drug-fuelled orgy, but he was whisked away before Italian Police were called — because he’s a cardinal. I asked one of the Aussie priests in Rome why this guy was invited to speak at the conference. His answer dismayed me: “You have to understand, this exorcism course is the laughing stock of Rome. The pope takes this stuff seriously, but many others don’t. Having a cardinal lends the conference respectability — and any cardinal will do. Bella figura!
Father Corrigan was appalled by his countryman's cynical answer. You can feel it. Above all, the question arises as to what resistance the exorcist training is subjected to within the Church. Anyone who sent the said cardinal to give the convention a touch of glamor and prestige obviously did not like it well.
The case of the cardinal mentioned is well known. But because the priest does not name his blog, we do not want to do it, but link to a possible "trail." And add that this is not Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred