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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Order of Friars Minor Meet in Assisi to Elect New Superior

(Assisi)  In the Basilica blessed by St. Francis of Assisi the 200th General Capital of the Order of Friars Minor opened in its home city of Assisi.  99 brothers from all five continents are gathered till the 17th of February to select the 120th Father General.

Every six years, the General Chapter meets in order to talk about the state of the Order, to agree on decisions and select the Father General and the members of the General Council, which will be the leadership of the order till the next General Chapter.

The General Chapter is the most important event within the order.  Since 2007 Father Marco Tasca has served as the 119th Father General of the branch of the Conventual Franciscans, as the Minors are also called, which has formed a branch of the Franciscan family since 1517.   With the election of the 44th Father General, the lesser brothers separated themselves.  The more severe branch with the braun robes,  the Observance, are generally known in the German speaking areas as Franciscans.  The other branch, the Conventuals with the black robes are called "Minoriten" in Germany.

At the General Capital the brothers gather around the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi in order to renew the  founder of the spirituality of their Order.

The brothers of the various cloisters spread throughout the world were greeted by the Curator of the Holy Convent of Assisi,  Father Giuseppe Piemonese, of the Bishop of Assisi, Msgr Domenico Sorrentino and the mayor of the city, Claudio Ricci.

"We represent 65 countries", says the departing Father General Marco Tasca.  "In some countries, the Order is just appearing, in others there is a centuries long tradition.  Our religious family numbers 4,300 brothers.  In some states there are hundreds of brothers, in others there are a few dozen."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Wikicommons

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